atlanta short sale agent: How to choose an expert Atlanta short sale agent - 09/27/17 03:17 PM
When Atlanta area homeowners need to move but feel they cannot because they are upside-down in their mortgage, that’s when it is time for some good old-fashioned straight-talk and some new-fashioned expertise.
If you are a seller in this unfortunate and uncomfortable situation, you may be able to sell your property via a lender approved short sale, but be careful! You don’t want to risk your future by hiring anyone but a short sale expert to help you through this tricky transaction.
What defines an expert Atlanta short sale agent?
The real skills of successful short selling involve strategic pricing for multiple fair … (1 comments)

atlanta short sale agent: Why this Atlanta short sale agent loves what she does - 02/28/17 01:53 PM
What I love most about leading a team of Atlanta GA short sale specialists....
is the many opportunities we get to help families overcome an untenable situation and get on with their lives. That never gets old.
Yes short sales are challenging.
Yes, they require much more work and specialized knowledge than most other types of real estate sales.
And yes, they take more time and effort to complete.
But when they are done right, they are the most gratifying of all transactions, and here’s why we do what we do:
Friends don't let friends fall into foreclosure.
We help our neighbors avoid the heartbreak of foreclosure. The relief … (9 comments)

atlanta short sale agent: How can I have a successful Georgia short sale? - 02/15/17 03:08 PM
I hear this question a lot. Atlanta area sellers have seen a lot of distressed property sales come on the market in recent years -- some that were successfully closed and some that fell apart. So we often have mixed ideas and misinformation when it comes to these tricky transactions.
So, what if you really need to relocate, but like many Georgia home sellers, your house has not quite recovered all of the equity it lost during the downturn?  You you need to sell, but the current market value of your property is less than you need to break even. On top of that, … (3 comments)

atlanta short sale agent: Atlanta Sellers Guide to Short Sale Success - 3 Tips to Get Started - 02/06/17 12:45 PM
Can you navigate the road to short sale success? Many thousands of Americans have found relief from unmanageable mortgages via a lender-approved short sale. The Atlanta homeowner journey from underwater mortgage debt to "sold home" is usually a route that runs through a short sale to a brighter, unencumbered future. That route can be tricky, so here are some helpful tips from expert Atlanta short sale agents to smooth your way. Taking the first step on a journey of recovery will be easier when you've armed yourself with this handy roadmap for the journey ahead.
Here are our top 3 agent-suggested "First Steps" … (4 comments)

atlanta short sale agent: Atlanta Short Sale Agent Needs Specialized Knowledge - 09/28/13 10:37 AM
The Atlanta Short Sale Agent Needs Specialized Knowledge
....what many refer to as "expertise". Few real estate agents will be able to facilitate a Georgia short sale with more expertise and less stress than the specialist. That's the driving principle that has spurred my personal and our team growth in recent years. As I worked through a refocus of my business this year, these driving principles became clear:
The Atlanta Short Sale Agent Needs Specialized Market Intelligence
That's the most important key to getting our clients' short sales closed successfully. The one thing the recent years in real estate have taught … (2 comments)

atlanta short sale agent: Partners in Success: Atlanta GA Sellers & Their Short Sale Specialist - 08/13/12 12:35 PM
Partners in Success: Atlanta GA Sellers & Their Short Sale Specialist
 All successful real estate sales and purchases require a high standard of professionalism and attention to benchmark industry practices and procedures. The best transactions also benefit  from a high degree of cooperation and collaboration between agent and clients.  And nowhere is this cooperation and collaboration more crucial than in the short sale situation.
Short sale is a high stakes game. Sellers are fighting to protect their families and their future credit.  
A successful short sale is successful foreclosure prevention, which usually takes a lot of dedication, persistence and above all … (1 comments)

atlanta short sale agent: Atlanta Short Sale Agent - Bank of America Requires More to Start - 05/05/12 10:35 AM
Bank of America short sales may be getting a speed boost, but the process just got more intense for every Atlanta short sale agent on the listing side.
As part of its revamped process to speed short sale decisions, Bank of America is now requiring a lot more up-front document and information collection.
Before a new file can even be initiated in, the Atlanta short sale agent must have an accepted short sale offer in hand as well as a preliminary HUD1 ready to upload. The lender also now requires their own proprietary third-party authorization form, as well as a … (4 comments)

atlanta short sale agent: Atlanta Short Sale Agent Reports on Bank of America Changes - 05/01/12 10:08 PM
As an Atlanta short sale agent, I know what buyers agents' are getting at when they call on my short sale listings and almost immediately ask, "Who is the lender?" I already know that a big groan is coming from that agent when the answer is, "BOA." It never fails.
But now I can allay their fears somewhat, with some very hopeful news about the “dreaded” Bank of America short sale process: the lender has implemented some major changes to speed the decision-making process. The good news is that the new process expedites everything on the front end and promises a speedy … (6 comments)

atlanta short sale agent: Atlanta Short Sale Report to Help Georgia Homeowners Stay in Their Homes - 04/30/12 03:01 AM
Atlanta Short Sale Report: free information  to Help Georgia Homeowners Stay in Their Homes
Because I am a stakeholder in the community both as a resident and as a short sale agent, I want to spread the word quickly and without price constraint. It's too important to hold back.
That's why, every month, I make a free short sales information report available for instant download on the Best Atlanta Short Sales web site to share with my Georgia neighbors everything that I have learned as a short sales agent about how a person can avoid foreclosure in Georgia. This month's report is all about the recent Robo-Signing … (0 comments)

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