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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.
My husband is not known for planning weekend activities, but he did suggest we go to Selland's Market Cafe yesterday. Selland's was celebrating Sacramento Beer Week by featuring a selection of craft pale ales, coupled with a house-made pastrami sandwich, dripping with sauce, pickles, sauerkraut. ...
Active Rainer and Los Angeles Realtor Jane Peters was instrumental in pushing me to get a SSL certificate for my website. It's been mentioned a lot in this forum but at first blush I didn't think I needed it. After all, I'm not taking credit card information or selling anything on my website othe...
Let's see a show of hands. How many real estate agents listed short sales prior to 2012? And how many of those short sale listings sold and closed within 6 months? OK, now you can peel yourselves up off the floor and stop laughing. Hey, I wasn't the one who sold buyers hope. Nope, that was the Ca...
Nina Hollander is a Realtor from Charlotte, North Carolina, whose years of experience and knowledge is evident in her daily blogs. She writes about home buying myths and what first-time home buyers do not realize. Nina is correct, of course, that all agents are not the same, yet the public often ...
Quitting a second job should not be so hard. But it's old habits. Hard to let go of. Not to mention, there is a certain amount of enjoyment and reward from my second job. Oh, you didn't know I had a second job? Well, not everybody realizes a top producer in Sacramento real estate is also driven e...
This is the story of another home I sold twice and got paid once. But I always do what it takes to close. Some agents get upset, throw in the towel and walk away, and I've never understood that attitude. My promise to my sellers is I will do whatever it takes and for however long it takes to sell...
The originator of this original piece of content, Gene Mundt, from Chicagoland, has created tons of useful information throughout the years, primarily for homebuyers who have questions about obtaining a mortgage. Because an increasingly large number of buyers are not privy to the behind-the-scene...
As I write this, I realize I had intended to drive to Rancho Cordova to retrieve my lockbox from the gas meter last Saturday, but that's before I decided to finish the terms of my contract before it expires in two weeks at Dot Dash (formerly About.com). I've been writing on the side for that comp...
When I say the bank removed all of my banking accounts from online access, what they they really did was redirect my sign-on results to a 404 page. It looked like a customer had signed on, bank logo and identifying properties there, but no bank accounts. Could have been hacked for all I know. It'...
Most agents just sell real estate and don't always pay a lot of attention to the specifics of legal documents. Paperwork is often the last thing an agent wants to deal with. That's why so many busy agents have full-time assistants to assist. But it's helpful to maintain a basic understanding of w...

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