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Professional advice on hardwood flooring, refinishing, carpet and tile. Blog Stylist and Coach. So whether it's a simple hardwood floor refinishing, or installing a new exotic hardwood, replacing the carpets, adding in a porcelain or natural stone floor, or backsplash with glass or metallic inlays, we've got you covered. We provide excellent customer service, design tips, high quality installation. And, best of all, we "bring the store to your door." We are a shop at home flooring service for Westchester NY and Stamford CT.
Yes, the kids are out of the house and on their way in the world.  Many in the New York Metro area consider downsizing at this point, especially considering how expensive real estate is here, and of the course the high taxes.  In addition, taking care of a large house and lawn can be tiring and e...
 I used to do a recap every month, but lately I've been rather busy, and have gotten a bit behind on this.  So here's a recap of my top articles from April and May 2017. Minwax vs Duraseal stain - Which is better?  I was intrigued by the fact that I saw all these DIY articles using Minwax stain. ...
This article is inspired by Dick Greenberg 's contest.  Now, I didn't exactly follow the rules, so not sure I'll get points for this.  I've decided that I would try to teach you a bit from Pinterest learning and journey. I've learned a ton about Pinterest.  I have been using since 2012, but I did...
After reading a blog post on here by Bryant Tutas , his town (Poinciana) immediately reminded me of my grandparent's house in Ft Lauderdale (Tamarac) as they lived on Royal Poinciana Lane.  Note:  I haven't been there since the mid 1980s. Thankfully, it's a small street, and I was able to find th...
What is the best flooring choice for a kitchen? Pros and cons for the Top 9 kitchen floor choices.  This is a "condensed version" of my original article:  What is the best floor for a kitchen?  This version discusses the pros and cons for the Top 5 flooring choices for kitchens.  You can read abo...
I'm a bit late in posting this month's passive income report on here.  I posted the original/full report on my own site here.  I'm hoping to create a new section of my website for contractors, as well as consumers who want to create their own blog and/or improve their search rankings.  (this of c...
I thought it would be interesting to share my top 3 flooring articles.  They are all long form content and do well with customers. Each has over 6,000 clicks/month and average time on page is in the 5 to 6 minute range.  Also, I get a lot of comments/questions on these blog posts, so it really sh...
Lately, I've had the awesome opportunity to learn about many different businesses.  How you may ask?  Well I've been doing some marketing, blogging and SEO work for some of them.  It's kind of fun because I get to do one of the things I love (and I'm good at) and at the same time learn about so m...
As many of you know, I have great respect for Stagers.  I know many of them, and most provide great advice for when you are selling your house.  I have learned a lot from Stagers, too.  But every once in a while, you come across one who provides bad advice and can over spend a client's money. Sta...
This article from Jeffrey DiMuria is from eons's from 2008.  I just came across it as I was do a search for something else and the title caught my eye, so I clicked.  Marketing tip - Make a Neighborhood Directory. Wow, this is such a smart and clever idea.  There are many ways that you c...

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