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Professional advice on hardwood flooring, refinishing, carpet and tile. Blog Stylist and Coach. So whether it's a simple hardwood floor refinishing, or installing a new exotic hardwood, replacing the carpets, adding in a porcelain or natural stone floor, or backsplash with glass or metallic inlays, we've got you covered. We provide excellent customer service, design tips, high quality installation. And, best of all, we "bring the store to your door." We are a shop at home flooring service for Westchester NY and Stamford CT.
I've been feverishly posting lots of content on my main site (, but wanted to gather up a few articles that may come in handy for your sellers.  It's always useful to have these blog posts handy and all in one place. So, here's my round up of flooring articles for Home Sellers...
Please note that this article contains affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure in the right side bar (scroll down a bit). It's the 3rd annual Amazon Prime Day.  What does that mean?  It's basically like Black Friday in July and amazon has been panning this for a while.  They have some s...
June was a busy month for me and my blog.  I made great progress as I was a busy bee.  Below are the flooring and decor articles I published as well as a few marketing/other articles.  I hope to post some of these articles on here soon, but it's hard to find a time, especially as I have some plug...
I wanted to do an experiment this year.  In the past, I had done 4th of July fireworks posts here on Active Rain, and they did very well.  But, they were a bit pointless for me...they didn't generate any business or income for me.  They were just a distraction. I was going to give up on it this y...
Rarely.  Yes, it does happen occasionally, but usually when a house is purchased with cash, it somehow goes through a bank. It could be a cashier's check, wire transfer, certified check, etc.  Funds need to be verified and be legal. A house is a big purchase.  It impacts many parties (buyer, sell...
Extra Income Report - June 2017 - Money made from my blog I'm so excited because this is my best month so far for passive income on my blog. I'm I chronicling my journey both so I can show people what is possible and also to track my progress and drive myself towards better results. These passive...
Okay, this is exciting.  I've been trying an experiment and pubished an guide to the 4th of July fireworks for Westchester County.  Today is day 6 and so far, it's generated a bit over 2,800 clicks.  (Bear in mind, I make a bit of money off of the ads, so the more traffic, the more money I make)....
I'm lucky.  I get a whole bunch of comments on my wordpress blog.  These are REAL customers with REAL questions (not people writing for points).  These are people seeking my advice and decorating opinions. It's quite amazing. I try to remember to go in and check the comments on my blog every so o...
For the last several years, I've written a post showing where you can find the 4th of July fireworks for Westchester County.  Historically, it has done very well, and garnered a lot of traffic in a short period of time. My 2015 article got over 9,500 clicks (most between 7/2 and 7/4), my 2013 art...
I'm a bit late in posting this, but here is an update for my passive income in May 2017.  You can find the full passive income report on my website. I'm sharing this article both to show people what is possible and also to track my progress and drive myself towards better results. These passive i...

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