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I have a friend of mine who just recently purchased a home receiving all this information on Mortgage Life Insurance.  She asked me about it and I had the craziest look on my face LOL.  I thought to myself OK Mortgage life insurance is too expensive to start and become more costly as time goes on...
You get that phone call...Hi I was interested in the home posted on your website when can I see the home?...A phrase all realtor's love to hear!  A possible sale of a tell them ok what would be a good time for you?  You set an appointment and meet the potential buyer at the home. You ...
Hello everyone, As I stated in my earlier hummmm diet is the key to getting the body you want and dieting is also a great way to get the home you want.Dieting insthe key to home ownership.  You have good carbs and bad carbs! Good CarbsNo new credit card debtNo new accounts openNo new revolving ac...
 Hello,I am new here and have enjoyed reading some of the bogs I was so inspired I decided to writre my own. Have you ever had a pair of jeans or a dress that you have looked at for years and thought to yourself, "If I could just loose 5 or 10 pounds I could buy that?"  Of course we all have and ...

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