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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.
You know that in almost every case, home sellers will net more by hiring an agent.However, those homeowners don’t know that, or they wouldn’t be FSBO’s. So, should your approach be to teach them the error of their ways? Should you work hard to show them the benefits of listing with you?You could,...
While the two terms are usually used interchangeably, and my Prospecting Letters page really contains more farming than prospecting letters, there really is a difference.Think about it.A prospector goes out into the hills, the desert, or the river beds in search of gems, gold, or other precious m...
Summer is nearly here and buyers and sellers are looking for the right agent to help them accomplish their real estate dreams and goals.Will your bio show them that YOU are that agent?Right now would be a good time to take a look and ask yourself if it sets you apart from the dozens of other agen...
Tim Maitski brings us the answer to a question I've wondered about for years: How can agents guarantee to sell a house and promise to buy it if it doesn't sell? It turns out to be easy, if you're a bit on the shady side and willing to use bait and switch.   The Guarantee That Lures Them In Key P...
You write a property description for every one of your listings, and when you're writing for MLS you're often limited to what I think are too few words. You’re also confined to one long paragraph, which stinks, but there it is.That means you need to make every one of those words count. After all,...
Yesterday my husband, son, and I went out on the river to do the final break-in hour on our son's new boat. Of course we took the dogs...Chad's dog, Puppy, is used to boats. The two of them go fishing quite often.Katie was another story. Chad had to pick her up and put her in the boat, and once t...
Thanks to Khash Saghafi  for explaining the cause of your last-minute angst.When I was an agent, I too was among those who thought "Haven't they had this long enough?" In recent seminars I have done, I have been blown away that real estate agents never knew about these 3 things when it comes to l...
Real estate agents make all sorts of claims about their listings and about their services. Some of those claims - like saying that  your waterfront listing has the finest beach or the most beautiful view on the lake - are classified as puffery and are largely ignored by the general public. (That'...
 First, consider your personal real estate website as the base of your marketing efforts.Your agent website is the cornerstone - the foundation upon which to build your marketing platform.  It gives you a place to showcase your knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. Done well, it also leads p...
You may be using Facebook and Twitter as a business tool.You're posting your listings, announcing your sales, and sharing information for buyers and sellers. You're also staying in touch with past clients and your sphere of influence.But what about the people who use these sites for recreation?Wh...

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