salt lake county: Draper Utah - Quick Move In Homes - David Weekley Deer Run - 04/07/18 12:07 PM
With the current market conditions as they are, many buyers find themselves in a multiple offer situation. Or, they would like a new home but don't have months to wait for it to be built. David Weekley has new homes with stunning views that are nearly finished and ready for quick move in.
Skip the build time and start growing a lifetime of memories in one of our move-in ready, or ready soon, David Weekley Showcase Homes @ DEER RUN in Draper! Root yourself in this family-friendly community and spring into the lifestyle you’ve always wanted today.

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salt lake county: The BBC Took a Trip to Utah to Discover the State's Secret to Success - 01/08/18 02:40 PM
BBC Radio filed a report about the sudden success the state of Utah has found in the business world.
They spoke to entrepreneurs small and large as well as immigrants and policy makers.
There was a time when Utah business folks seeking to grow would fly to New York, Boston or San Francisco to seek funding. Now the venture capital groups find themselves flying here in search of the next big thing.
Upon arrival they find a diverse workforce with and entrepreneurial attitude as well as over 100,000 college students who may be more gung-ho to stay than go.
It makes for an interesting listen.
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salt lake county: Hey, Are Prices Going Down Yet? - 09/01/17 08:47 AM
Everyone wants a deal.
When purchasing something we tend to be rational economic decision makers.
When we sell, we want the most we can receive.
When we buy, we want more for less.
It has always been like this and we live in a time that rewards this way of thinking.
So, naturally, those who want to list want to make sure they do so at the right time to maximize their gain.
And buyers want bargains.
Utah home prices have been going up, up and away.
Buyers are asking me if the prices are going to fall... and if so, when.
I have no crystal ball, but there are … (3 comments)

salt lake county: A View From that Hill Across the Street - 06/29/17 03:58 PM
We face-timed the grand-kids and said, "check this out."
"What's that?" They asked.
"That's Mystery Mountain Jr."
Ok. I that's not the name. But you have to give them something to look forward to, right?
"We won't climb it until you get here." I promised.
The months passed.
And this little hill's mystery remained unanswered to us.
We saw the deer walk down hill and roam the neighborhood.
We peered out front as the snow settled on it and the neighbors sleighed down it.
We watched it as it changed colors.
And then, with grand-kids here, we finally climbed it.
Half way up we saw the neighborhood grow smaller.
Then we took in the entire … (7 comments)