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Ripped from today's non-headlines.A renter in my neighborhood was awoken at 8:00 a.m.It started with a gentle knock.Then a louder pounding.Then the door bell.Ring. and then ring again.The renters were asleep- having just returned from an out of town event.The father put on his clothes and went to...
Utah has had a very wet May. It's one of the wettest on record.And the place is gorgeous. The hills are green and the flowers are popping.The rivers are rushing and those fortunate enough to live by steams are hearing the gurgle.Still. Much of the state is "high desert".Think Phoenix with Altitud...
When it comes to home construction, I'm a total do it someone-elser.However, in the computer realm I'm always game for an adventure.If this is you, then you may already be familiar with Makerbook.They describe themselves as a "hand-picked directory of the best free resources for creatives."Lookin...
It has been said that some of the best secrets about a company is hidden in their own marketing.If you're a real estate agent, you're very likely a member of the National Association of Realtors.As such you have access to research, education, advocacy and marketing information that you, in part, ...
---There is a common bond held by those of us who grew up on military bases during the time of the Vietnam War. Such as:1) Watching a squadron being deployed. The absence of these distant soldiers was palpable. I recall looking out behind the backstop during my baseball games. Where there was onc...
It's that time of year again- graduation.I’ve attended one so far and have three to go.These ceremonies can be short or long, inspiring or, less so.Below is a video I stumbled across- very inspiring from a possibly unlikely source.It was borne out of an interview and some talented folks turned it...
There is a place in America that received nearly $1 billion in investor funding last year.It's home to more than 4,300 technology companies.it's within hours of 14 world class ski resorts, five national parks and seven national monuments.This is Utah's tech mecca- where nearly one in ten people w...
I have a seller who would entertain a quick sale instead of traditional sale.Home is in Kaysville, Utah.Here are some of the details: Asking $190kRealtor Property Report Value: $217,000CMA: $220k 3 Bedrooms   2 Bathrooms1,386 sq ft8,276 sq ft LotBuilt in 1996 new paint interior new baseboardsnew ...
On the car ride to mom's house my oldest daughter turned to her brand new fiance and said, "I can't wait for you to meet my grandma. She lives in the middle of cotton and corn fields yet every time we go to her house she has some random person visiting her and you'll never be able to figure out h...
We are agents.We act on behalf of our clients to promote their interests.If we were the principal, without agents, we could act for ourselves.When we are agents for the principal we hope to protect our client as well as broker the best deal.In the end, the principal decides.---Sometimes agents ac...

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