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There is a home in Scottsdale that caught my attention. It would be hard to miss. It's on Thomas Road, just east of the 101 freeway. Someone has a yard full of political signs. These aren't just any signs. These are signs dedicated to the second place finishers. Among them is one that explains i...
There's just nothing quite like baseball. Wouldn't it be great if you had a wide selection of teams to watch... not just those nearby? And... wouldn't it be better if it didn't cost so much? Well... we're spoiled here in Arizona. We have fourteen teams to choose from. Same rosters- a whole lot l...
I'm writing this post near Phoenix Arizona and toward the end of February of 2009. The reason I say this is because sometimes people find a blog post that speaks authoritatively about a topic- providing a helpful rule of thumb that would appear to apply generally. This post might be one of those-...
It was another Saturday wasted... that was the sentiment, my brother and I had as we woke up just past sunrise. This Saturday would be ground prep. We'd clear the deepest portion of the back yard of any debris and then start shoveling away the grass and weeds. Later in the day we'd create furrow...
This is a nice discussion that was generated by Mirela Monte. She's requesting basic numberical market data from around the country. Your contribution will create a snapshot that could provide insight into the nation's housing situation from both a micro and macro level. I urge you to add your ob...
President Obama has landed in Phoenix and the New York Times is reporting what he will be talking about. It is predicted that he will address the mounting foreclosure problem. It's no accident that Phoenix will be the backdrop. More than half of all sales in Phoenix in recent months have been of ...
Now... this is not a typical Real Estate post. It's mostly a fun curiosity that could be of interest to bloggers and note writers everywhere. ---- When I was in grade school I won a penmanship award. It was an unlikely and, to this day, debated achievement... ... that's right; there are doubters ...
  Or at least that's what the NBA super-fan hopes. It's the NBA All Star Weekend. And Phoenix is the proud host. Last night was the Rookies vs. the second year stars. This is a tradition that replaced a past favorite- The old-timers game. Turns out the old-timers kept getting injured. (I know th...
Pretend you're the President of a company and you're going to present a plan that saves the company. Do you feel any pressure- knowing the obstacles are so large? Multiply that by millions. ----- President Obama is facing challenges unlike any others in my lifetime. There's an ongoing war and eve...
Rendering of Gaylord Entertainment & DMB project for Mesa, Arizona (from "yes on 300") ---------- Mesa, Arizona is an anomaly. It's large. To be precise, it's the 38th largest city in America. That means there are several states in the union that don't have a city as large as Mesa. But Mesa lack...

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