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What creates a community? I suppose we could say time. By accident we tend to stumble into each other’s paths sufficient to create some sort of relationship. I think it’s more than that. We become a community when we share a common bond. It may come through following the common path of witnessin...
It's here!   Gilbert Days 2008! Beginning 9 a.m. Saturday November 15, downtown Gilbert will be awash in small town fun and festivities. It all begins with a parade route that travels down Gilbert road from Juniper to the Town Square. Then it's on to the Gilbert Municipal Center (South of Warner ...
You can't leaf through business weeklies without finding a list proclaiming which city or state has the best this-or-that. So I often take such information with a grain of salt. However, I *am* quite pleased that Business Week came out with their list of "best places to raise your kids" ... main...
Right now I'm seeing the same type of client in larger numbers: This is the season of the First Time Home Buyer. Much of the time, this is anecdotal information. By this, I mean to say, that sometimes the trends I notice can be unique to me as opposed to being experienced by real estate agents i...
Q. Why did the home-buyer cross the road? A. To get a better loan. ****** Lately I’ve been working with a larger number of people who are crossing the border of Gilbert and Mesa into the town of Queen Creek. It’s amazing what happens when you cross the road: Homes cost less – and there’s a rural ...
I was showing pre-foreclosure property to a client recently when she asked a very good question, "how as-is is it?" When one purchases a resale home, one has the opportunity to request repairs and see if the seller is willing to make them. Bank-owned properties are somewhat different in this rega...
Real Estate nerd that I am, I've spent quite a bit of time watching zoning hearings regarding the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. This is the area that includes the old Williams Air Force Base and the nearby General Motors Proving Grounds. As the Valley of the Sun has continued to grow in size- the...
He's at it again. That Joe knows how to make friends- feed them. As I posted many moons ago, Joe's Farm Grill likes to have a party. This time he wants you to try his cheeseburgers, fries and drink. You won't need to open the pocket book either. For the uninitiated, Joe's philosophy is this: "we ...
Lifehacker, one of my favorite blogs, has a great segment about the various freebies available to voters: 1) Krispy Kreme- A star shaped donut 2) Starbucks- A tall coffee 3) Chick-fil-A - Chicken sandwich 4) Ben and Jerry's - Free scoop of ice cream Of course, there are conditions and variances, ...
When I last went to the polls I discovered that my location had changed. This added nearly an hour to the process. In order to avoid that, I checked to see if there would be any surprises in store for me tomorrow. ***** Wondering how to find your polling place? Google has made it easy. With the a...

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