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  Would you  intentionally freeze your credit? Much in the same way one would want to stop a check or put a temporary block on a personal credit card- consumers may find a need to freeze all personal credit. In most states this is possible. In Arizona, it will be. On September 1, Arizona citizen...
This Just In... The Office of Thrift Supervision publishes their purpose on their website: "The OTS supervises savings associations   and their holding companies to meet   America's financial services needs." Today, in response to a large number of consumer complaints, they issued a six page pre...
Home Sales in the Phoenix area are increasing... and so is the inventory. Investors are cashing in on these buying opportunities as there are many homes priced well below the median. Among the most aggressively priced homes are those owned by banks. I've created a link that allows the more sophis...
There's a new, easy-to-use, free tool that turns the average Joe and JoeAnn into a virtual world builder. And it's brough to you by the freaky geniuses at Apple Microsoft. Microsoft? That's right... after years in the lab, Microsoft is offering Photosynth. Check out this video: My guess? The blo...
As Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue thier free fall one very rich man has decided to pass on investing. In an interview on CNBC Warrent Buffet says the "game is over" for the two. He sites a lack of net worth as a major factor. This increases the speculation that the government will need to g...
  The Ship Builder: A friend of a friend built a ship. It was like a larger-than-average houseboat. People admired his one-of-a-kind creation and asked where he bought it. Discovering this was a custom creation, someone wanted him to build another. Life Change: He turned his back pasture into a ...
"How's the Market?" I'm asked this question all the time. Since the market is varied, the answer is different depending on the sector. If we were to take the pulse of the market right now here are a few trends we'd notice: New Homes: It's not a great time to be a builder. Profit margins are down...
  Look at Those Prices! In 2004 people around these parts (that's the Phoenix metro area for anyone new to this blog) found that there was an abundance of homes from which to choose. Houses were affordable and the selection was tremendous. Then came the boom. For the next two years the affordabl...
The Arizona Department of Real Estate has released a list of, what they call, "Arizona Homebuilders in Financial Trouble". This disclosure is to advise potential buyers to be aware that such properties could have issues of special concern that may be typical of builders undergoing financial diff...
Before Hollywood, there was Flagstaff. Westerns were the first popular films and an enterprising group of people decided Flagstaff would make an ideal filming location. There's the old west look as well as the snowy mountaintop vistas. Money and supplies in hand, a large crew assembled in this g...

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