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Chuck & Lucy Willman are agents who offer advice about selling or purchasing homes in Utah.
Everett graduated near the top of his class. This accomplishment is made even more impressive when one considers that his "class" is the Wharton School of Business. Yet, when he and his wife decided it was time to own a home, Everett realized he wasn't prepared for this major financial step. For ...
Thank Goodness For The Impartial Third Party.Sometimes people don't want to ask personal questions of friends and family. There's too much invested... and so much history. Sure, family and close friends should be good at keeping a secret. But they can also be the worst.Let's look at the potential...
Every place has an identity, culture, vibe (call it what you will).As the world tends to become more indistinct, with the same logos and retail outlets dotting the landscape, it's getting harder for the "mom and pops" to maintain a standing in the town or city in which we live.One thing that make...
With the current market conditions as they are, many buyers find themselves in a multiple offer situation. Or, they would like a new home but don't have months to wait for it to be built. David Weekley has new homes with stunning views that are nearly finished and ready for quick move in.Skip the...
The number of listings available in Alpine, Utah continues to fall.  Since November, the quantity has been on a steady decline while settling in March to the same quantity as last month: Listings Available in Alpine:Oct 18: 42Nov 16: 35Dec 14: 33Jan 11: 28Feb 8: 27Mar 3: 27 Days on market is curr...
As more data has become available on line, more companies have arrived on the scene to crunch and normalize data for the use of making large financial decisions.In real estate, that means that there are companies who will display a myriad of information regarding the details of a real estate tran...
If you or your client has a rental property, and you have a "no pets" policy, you will want to make sure that you are aware of the HUD policy on Service animals and Assistance Animals for people with disabilities.You can find the full document here:  https://www.hud.gov/sites/documents/SERVANIMAL...
BBC Radio filed a report about the sudden success the state of Utah has found in the business world.They spoke to entrepreneurs small and large as well as immigrants and policy makers.There was a time when Utah business folks seeking to grow would fly to New York, Boston or San Francisco to seek ...
Every once in a while I come across a property that can be purchased below market. This is one of these. It can be purchased for $123k but may be worth the mid to hight $150's. Here are the details: This one has very little work to perform… mostly cleaning carpets. I wish it had a second bath but...
Hi, I'm Lucy Willman of TheHouseBuzz.comWhile I'm building my website (currently you're being directed to my Berkshire Hathaway Site) you may also want to keep track of me on Instagram for the latest real estate Buzz in the Beehive State.Follow me here: https://www.instagram.com/thehousebuzz/I ha...

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