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NO NO NO!!!Get out of dodge and let our agent work.With you gone every short notice showing can be granted.The buyer of your house may be one of those short notice people. Get out of dodge.  leave your cell phone number with your agent and if an offer comes I, you can communicatewith them and get...
Yes the holiday weekend is closing fast.It is a big travel weekend.But, if you are going to buy a home, you  should be looking at homes and not out partying.WHY?  You ask.Many reasons, but a couple to think about. 1.  There are not many houses for sale in some areas and you need to be the first o...
Spring is measured by many as how long the new flowers bloom.Many times most are done in 2 weeks.Then many summer flowers do not show up until late summer.To get away from the summer blues, plant more of a variety keeping in mind thetime frame that most will bloom.Better yet plant those that bloo...
My wife and I was working on some of the bushes in our yard when we spotted this nest.I was up on the ladder and was able to look in.3 fuzzy little chicks.We had heard some birds making  a rukus but did not think twice. I snapped   a quick photo and let mom and dad back to the nest. 
Yes our flowering crab tree is in  full bloom.Normally i should be raining as it seems to rain as soon as the blossom's open and knock them off.But this year may stay dry.That is good for a change, except this yea we really need the rain!But for now we enjoy'!   
Yes, we are knocking on the door of the weekend.Many of us will be traveling for some reason.We will make stops for restrooms, especially at our age.But, it can be hard finding ones that are clean.We keep a travel log of where we have gotten gas, lunch, and stopped for a restroom.We make sure we ...
De-clutter we tell our clients.have a sale and get rid of stuff you don't want and or need. But do we talk a bit about safety?This just happened over the weekend.A couple having a sale were in the detached garage. Several people in one car stopped.Couple of them kept the husband and wife busy and...
Now you complain again?Just heard a couple of people complain about the temps getting on teh warm side.Just  a couple of weeks ago you were complaining it was not warming up. It seems that the human animal is seldom satisfied. So for those now complaining again, Below is what we had just a few we...
My part of Minnesota can get a frost all the way to Memorial weekend.So why did I plant today.Because, I planted all seeds. Germination is 7-10 days on average.  The closerto the holiday the less likely a frost will occur. Next weekend, I will plant the tomato's. The forecasts for the year is to ...
Today was Mothers Day.It was a day to pay special homage to our mom's.For some it was only by memory, others are lucky to still say I Love You although they may not understand.Basically, it reminds us that time fly's by so fast. WE may have shown our love for our mom's but let's not forge the res...

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