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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Tony Golden, Real Estate Student
(The Golden 4)
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  Dual Representation Without Consent is A Horrible Idea, and a direct pathway to having your license suspended or revoked!There is a right way to engage in a “dual agency,” scenario! The agent working with the buyer and seller take on a neutral role in negotiations. The Agent working with the pa...

By Carrie Partello, East Coast Moving is a full-service moving company
(East Coast Moving)
Comments 13
“East Coast Moving will be keeping all contracted moves as set until the predictions for Irma have been updated and if they affect our local area, at all. The only exception to this is if the NC Governor were to declare a state of emergency, at that time we will individually contact any moves tha...

By Javier Roson, Te explicamos qué es la cláusula suelo en tu hipo
(Roson Legal)
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¿Qué es la cláusula suelo?        ¿Qué es la cláusula suelo?  La cláusula suelo se ha convertido en el tema jurídico de rabiosa actualidad, con millones de afectados en toda España y con muchos despacho de abogados asomándose a este asunto y brindando apoyo legal a estos millones de afectados.Est...

By L L Realty Inc, LL Realty Inc. provides full service real estate.
(LL Realty)
Comments 6
Starting a company is a big achievement for many business people, but keeping one is the bigger challenge. There are many standard challenges that face every organization whether they are large or small. These include elements like selecting the right people, developing a brand and so on. However...

By Christopher Cloud
Comments 10
I am studying to get a real estate license.  I had a license 20 years ago and the broker I picked was not very informative nor helpful.  The market is very different now than last time I was in. So I have the following questions for agents...1. Is the fee they charge more important or the trainin...

By matt thomas
Comments 6
Not handling people's money and misrepresentation seem to be 2 very big issues when it comes to the real estate business.  I myself was a victim of misrepresentation in the past when it came to finding mortgage relief.  I didn't do my homework on a company and didn't listen to my gut when I felt ...

By James Levy, Real estate agent serving nationwide
(Levy Capital, LLC)
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I am a real estate investor and a private money lender. I offer all types of loan. I can help fund your personal deals, business deals, real estate deals etc, if any... Do you have any deal that need 100% financing?

By Rommell Cooper Jr
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There are typical vital points in the 21 areas of detriment. So stay away and propser on. One that I would like to shine some spot light on is dishonesty. When dealing with a dishonest agent you not only place your business at risk, but also your fellow peers that associate with you as well. So b...

By Mario Padilla, Real Estate Agent serving Denver Metro
(The K Company Realty)
Comments 9
After working for almost 20 years around 80 hrs per week in the fast food industry, I’ve decided it was time for me to move on. Certainly we do not get any younger, and the challenges you get to face and experience on daily basis as a restaurant general manager, are not for the “old souls” like m...

By MyWay Real Estate
(MyWay Real Estate)
Comments 12
These days, far too many landlords and property managers are falling victim to tenants who don’t pay their rent on time (or sometimes at all), don’t report property damage, and don’t treat their landlord or rental property with the respect that they should. That’s why we recently published an art...

By Kyle Basnar, Real estate agent serving Northern Colorado
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  There are two common concerns about the housing market that one hears from both consumers and real estate professionals alike. First, they question whether or not we are on the brink of another housing bubble, and second, they want to know why there aren’t more homes for sale. I don’t plan on ...

By Samantha Dietz, NJ Real Estate Agent w/ NAR's Green Designation
(Leaf, Realtors)
Comments 15
  There's so much talk about Millennials entering into the market. How do we market to them? How do we win their business? They are such a mystery! I see countless courses, webinars, newsletters catering to the Millennial buyer. "You know the average age of a real estate agent is 56. You better k...

By Bonnie Popescu
(Better Homes and Gardens Pristine )
Comments 11
Are you looking for ways to give your living room a rustic look? Check out these ideas, courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

By John Travers, I run a professional handyman service company desi
(Handyman Service)
Comments 12
Plumbing is one of the common problems you’ll experience in the home that require that you hire a handyman. Well, when you will be faced with some plumbing emergency, chances are that you will not be able to make conscious of decision. This is because all you want it to find the mess fixed. So, h...

By Marna Brown-Krausz, Residential; first time buyers, relo, emptynesters
(RE/MAX Greater Princeton)
Comments 25
I became a realtor just five years ago, at the beginning of pre-retirement years, because I like being aggravated, under-appreciated, and well, simply misunderstood.  And what better way to endure all of that than to become a real estate sales professional.  It was a bit easier for me than most. ...

By Devin Giles, Real Estate Agent NoVa and the Northern Neck
(NoVa Brokers, LLC)
Comments 16
The season is picking back up! If you are like most people and cannot afford to have your house staged to put on the market.... OR you are still living in your house with all of your personal belongings. How do you create a space that allows buyers to picture themselves in their new home? Here ar...

By Pedro Casanova, Helping people achieve their real estate goals
(The KREN Group at Keller Williams Realty)
Comments 14
 CLICK HERE FOR FULL PROPERTY DETAILSThis beautiful home sits on one of the larger lots in the subdivision. Large master bedroom has durable, wood vinyl flooring and has a large master bath with separate tub and shower and dual sinks guarantees no one is bumping elbows in the morning. The home fe...

By Kimberlee Massey, Southern California Real Estate Broker
(Re/Max TerraSol)
Comments 31
My career in real estate first began at the age of 21.  I had just graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in education focused in math and science, but after student teaching, had no desire to teach in a classroom setting.  My husband and I had a close family friend who attended ou...

By kim sungnyon, We Offer BG,SBLC,LC for lease/sales
(Financial investment limited)
Comments 2
We have direct and efficient providers of Bank Guarantee (BG), Insurance Guarantees, MTN, Confirmable Bank Drafts, Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Third Party Guarantees. If you are a potential Investor or Principal looking to raise capital, we will be happy to answer any questions that you ...

By Drew Gunderson
(Trifect Marketing)
Comments 7
There are three basic types of principles: Disclosed Partially Disclosed Undisclosed Disclosed is simply when your client is fully disclosed to the other party. Partially Disclosed is when the other party knows that the agent is representing someone, but they don't know who that is. Undisclosed m...