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 After decades of working with first-time homebuyers, I’ve given countless pieces of advice. But one of the most important involves one simple idea. And that’s ensuring that you have a backup fund for when you first move in.  Now, I know that across the Internet there are articles telling you how...
 In areas throughout the country and especially in Southwest Florida, real estate is enjoying solid increases in value. And because homes are still affordable in our area, we’re seeing homes buyers receive multiple offers at a time. For my clients, our team helps them sort through the offers and ...
I enjoy mornings. When I rise I am grateful and think of those who don't have this blessing anymore. Every day we get to choose what kind of attitude we will take with us. As I have aged I have come to appreciate the little things, the important things that define me. I am a better listener and ...
 When you’re buying a new home, it can seem like there is so much to keep in mind. From how your finances affect your credit score to pricing trends and more, it can sometimes feel like a complex process for many buyers. But when you’re buying a home in SWFL or beyond, you have a trusted resource...
 In the past, we’ve seen just how diverse the beaches are here in our little part of paradise. And when you own a home in Southwest Florida, you learn to keep a list of your favorite ones for any occasion. But what if you’re new to the area? Well, the team at Records Results Real Estate has the p...
If you’re buying your first home in Southwest Florida or beyond, you’ve probably given your down payment a lot of thought. After all, the larger of one you can put down, the lower your monthly mortgage may be. In addition, placing an offer with a strong down payment can help you move forward in t...
 For our regular readers, you know how much I love to find home ideas on places like Pinterest and Instagram. As a Southwest Florida Realtor, I’m always keeping my finger on the pulse of decorating trends, DIY solutions, and so much more. Of course, I also love to share these ideas with you as we...
  Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s hard to miss how technology is completely reshaping our lives. From the internet in our back pockets to remote working and more, the changes in the past few decades are remarkable. And it doesn’t matter if you live in Southwest Florida or across the countr...
 Through the long Florida summer, I love to share my favorite drinks with my friends and neighbors. And I certainly can’t leave you out of the fun! For those of you who have travelled to Southwest Florida or who already live here, you know how hot it can get. But instead of complaining, we locals...
  Just recently, we explored some of the myths behind the tiny house movement. And many of you had some insightful comments that got me thinking even more. When it comes down to it, this movement highlights different trends and attitudes that have been developing across the globe. But at the same...

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