lead followup tools: Three clear-as-day signs it’s time to hire an inside sales agent - 07/16/17 09:45 AM
If you’ve read Chris Smith’s The Conversion Code, you may already know these two statistics:
For every home that was sold in 2011, there were .65 leads generated online.
For every home that was sold in 2014, nearly 8 online leads were generated.
And if you’ve been paying attention to the number of new portals, lead gen sites, landing page offerings and the explosion of Facebook ads in the last three years… you know that those numbers have only continued to explode in the years since.
Going strictly off the numbers, you have (less than ) a 1 in 8 chance of converting … (15 comments)

lead followup tools: Three must-ask questions when hiring an inside sales agent - 06/16/17 03:39 PM
Telemarketers. Virtual assistants. Lead scrubbers. There are many terms used to describe “inside sales agents,” an industry role that has taken off over the last few years. But few of these descriptors fully encapsulate the role of an inside sales agent (ISA), which is to:
Respond to inbound calls or online leads promptly — before they move on to another agent or real estate source
Talk with prospects and leads to determine their likelihood of buying and selling
Nurture these contacts until they are ready to talk directly with an agent
Track engagement and develop a deep relationship so the transition … (8 comments)

lead followup tools: How to stop throwing leads away while maintaining your sanity - 03/01/17 05:20 PM
You spend a lot of time generating leads, but do you have an effective plan to nurture them once they appear in your inbox?
For many agents, the answer to that question is “no.” Stats show that 46% of leads never receive a follow-up, meaning that many agents are spending thousands of dollars on leads that never lead to anything.
If you're one of the "no's", no judgment =), let's prioritize your leads and investigate daily tools and apps that help you efficiently follow up with the right people at the right time. Below is a quick overview of how a platform with … (7 comments)

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