Share-worthy post. There's a lot written about this topic because we need to hear it often!  It's applicable to many areas of our life and most certainly to our work. Our thinking directs our path and potential. This needs to be our life GPS default. Thank you,  Amanda Thomas. What would you say ...
Whether this day finds you relaxing on the beach or working an open-house may you love every minute and benefit of the great work you do!
We all know the saying: Everything old is new again. And when it comes to the age-old real estate technique of “farming” your local area for potential business, that’s definitely true. If you’re wondering what “geo-marketing” is, and how it varies from traditional farming, you’re not alone.  Here...
9 STEPS TO CONSISTENCY When it comes to winning new or repeat business, it's critical that agents develop and sustain a consistent presence with top prospects and members of their sphere. However, any agent can tell you that this real estate is, by nature, an inconsistent business.  Whether you l...
We spend so much time talking about the importance of repeat business and referral business… but the reality is that MOST agents have still not come up with the right way to keep in touch naturally over the long-term. The result?  After closing, 70% of sellers say they would “definitely” use thei...
Five ways to win more business as you close out the second half of the year  While our strong summer market continues to keep agents busy across the country, fall is just around the corner…. And you have only five months to close out 2017 with a bang!  Below are five foolproof ways you can assess...
If you’ve read Chris Smith’s The Conversion Code, you may already know these two statistics: For every home that was sold in 2011, there were .65 leads generated online.  For every home that was sold in 2014, nearly 8 online leads were generated. And if you’ve been paying attention to the number ...
On this Independence Day, we hope you are celebrating the land of the free and the home of the brave. Today and everyday, we’re proud to be a part of the finest country on Earth. Today, we toast to the U.S.A. by recounting these nine amazing facts about homes and homeownership in America.  The Am...
From Facebook, Twitter and Yelp to hosting fees and domain decisions, building an online brand is a daunting task. Before you dive into the hot new channel with low ROI or begin paying for a website you don’t have time to maintain, take a few steps back.  Below are our top “Dos” and “Don’ts” for ...
Telemarketers. Virtual assistants. Lead scrubbers. There are many terms used to describe “inside sales agents,” an industry role that has taken off over the last few years. But few of these descriptors fully encapsulate the role of an inside sales agent (ISA), which is to:  Respond to inbound cal...

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