single property website: How to post your RealBird widget to ActiveRain using the new editor - 11/13/13 06:27 AM
We received several support calls from ActiveRain users asking why their RealBird widget code produces mis-formatted images in AR blog posts. The correct way to post the widget HTML codes into a blog is to use the HTML mode of the new AR editor. You will need to click the in the AR toolbar for this, and then paste the RealBird code in there. You can add any other text to pre- or post-face the widget.
Let us know please if you encounter any problems with it.

-- The RealBird Team

single property website: The anatomy of a perfect single property website - 04/21/12 03:53 AM
Every now and then, we showcase a RealBird single property website that caught our attention for one reason or the other. This week's case study focuses on visual communication techniques that you can use when designing a property marketing site:
See this beautiful home on Audubon Lakes Dr in Baton Rouge ( courtesy of Mike Denham & Carmen Widmeier ) 

Click the image above to see the actual property website
Following are some of the highlights that make this property website stand out:
Visual communication #1: The background picture instantly suggests that the property is a golf property. No reading of the fine lines … (5 comments)

single property website: How to add a personal video introduction to your RealBird property websites - 11/03/11 01:20 PM
The following customization was originally conceived by Larry Brzostek and it is now fully supported by the new, wider layout of the RealBird property website platform.
Instead of the live chat widget, one can add a personal video intro to the property websites in the contact information section. This is an area below the fold, under the property information section, next to your photo and contact information and social media links. You can click through the image below for a live example of the property at 4111 Green Tree Ave, Sarasota. Make sure you scroll down to the contact information area.


single property website: One million strong ! The number of RealBird pages in Google's index, that is - 10/27/11 03:45 PM
This is pretty amazing: The number of RealBird pages in Google's main index has jumped to over 1 million since the release of our new RealBird single property website platform. Up from less than 400K two weeks ago.
See the screenshot below:

Also note the video thumbnails for many of the property websites. We wrote about this stunning SEO surprise before - i.e. RealBird property websites being listed with video thumbnails - and it seems that Google is now picking up the thumbnail enhanced listings even faster than before.
So far, so very good !

single property website: Major upgrade to the RealBird single property website platform launched - 10/21/11 03:32 PM
For those of you who missed our email newsletter yesterday, below is our announcement of the updated RealBird single property website platform. There are many new features and improvements and we are going to post tutorials and best practices - feature by feature - in the upcoming weeks.

Example 1: Property website courtesy of Janie Coffey
Fully compatible with the previous version
This service is fully backward compatible with the previous RealBird platform: nothing additional for you to learn and it is just as easy to use as before.
New layout and typography
We wanted to make sure that even lower-end … (28 comments)

single property website: "Sticky" Featured Properties on Your RealBird Map-based Search Widget - 08/23/11 10:46 PM
We added a simple but powerful new feature to the RealBird Map-based Property Search tool yesterday.
Your own featured listings - published through the RealBird Listing Publisher service - are now shown as "sticky" icons on your RealBird map search. By "sticky" we mean that it is search criteria independent, so no matter what your client is searching for, your own listings within the specific map boundary are always presented to them using a special icon.

Click here or the image above to see a live example of this feature, courtesy of Katerina Gasset 
By default, we use a distinct … (15 comments)

single property website: SEO Surprise !!! And we have no idea how it happened but we LOVE it anyways - 06/22/11 11:18 AM
Without further ado, check this out:
The RealBird listings are indexed in Google's video search 
We don't know how and why it happened, but we certanly love it and so should you :) I'll explain below the screenshot

Google somehow considers the photo slideshows of the RealBird single property websites to be videos.
And it gets better. Most users search on the main Google search and not on the video search interface - I assume - but Google now shows a thumbnail of the RealBird videos on the regular search results as well. As you may be very well aware, you … (29 comments)

single property website: QR stickers for your property websites are now available through RealBird - 10/22/10 07:45 PM
Following up on our previous post regarding the new QR code feature for RealBird listings, we are pleased to let you know that we have also added a utility that allows you to buy custom QR stickers directly from the RealBird listing management page.
You can buy 6 pcs of 3" stickers with your RealBird listing's QR code and the property address on it for only $4.95 (plus tax and S & H). The stickers are automatically created for your listing and fulfillment is via

Disclaimer: We are a reseller affiliate of and upon your purchase we are paid an … (18 comments)

single property website: QR code for your RealBird listings - 10/18/10 06:23 PM
We added QR code support to the RealBird single property websites over the weekend. QR codes are compact barcodes that can encode all different kinds of information. They can be read by scanners, mobile phones with camera and smartphones. In our implementation, the automatically generated QR codes encode your RealBird single property websites' Urls and after scanning them with an iPhone for example, consumers can get access to your listing information instantly.
So why is this useful? You may want to use the QR codes of your listing information at places where you have limited space for sharing text and links and/or entering long Urls … (17 comments)

single property website: New ActiveRain Embed Code for Your RealBird Listings - Now with Map-Based Search - 09/22/10 06:33 AM
We updated our popular ActiveRain and Localism listing marketing module for your RealBird Property Websites. You can now show the RealBird Map-based Search widget in the footer of your ActiveRain and Localism post. It automatically centers and zooms to your own listing's location and shows nearby properties for sale or for rent, depending on the property type of your own listing.
The idea is the following: prospects may have found your RealBird listing on ActiveRain via search engines, social media or by other online means and if your listing was not a perfect match, they would have browsed away to other … (16 comments)

single property website: Multi-photo syndication with RealBird is now live. Some cool SEO too - 09/16/10 03:24 PM
We have been testing it since last week and we are pleased to let you know that the RealBird listing syndication service now sends multiple photos to Google Base, Trulia and Zillow. This is a long due feature, especially with the existing, unlimited photo capabilities of the RealBird Listing Publisher, but finally, your RealBird listing syndication service also includes multiple photos now (10 photos for Google Base and up to 30 photos to Trulia and Zillow)
There is no special action required on your side, just use RealBird as before and upload as many large photos for your single property websites as … (22 comments)

single property website: Turn your single property websites into virtual open homes. And other productivity updates... - 08/20/10 02:35 PM
Now that we are closing on some major milestones with almost 20,000 RealBird members and almost 80,000 listings published (since the beginning), we started to notice some trends that we wanted to address. 
Many of you - RealBird power-users - are already using the advanced features the platform provides such as the ability to add live chat to your sites via Meebo or Plugoo or adding an additional page with your Facebook Real Estate Page or any other 3rd party content embedded, but we also noticed that even though adding these features requires very little time per task, when one has … (14 comments)

single property website: Don't Forget to Like Yourself - Facebook Listing Pages with RealBird - 05/08/10 12:15 PM
Once upon a time there were print real estate advertisements only, newspapers, flyers and so on. Then the MLS computer systems came along with sharing listing information among real estate members. In the early 2000s, IDX was the next big thing with letting the listing information reach the public through other brokers' and agents' websites, providing additional exposure to properties by aggregating home buyer traffic on 3rd party websites. Listing syndication, single property websites with SEO and listing widgets followed and property information reached new destinations - places where home buyers were gathering and searching on: classified sites, Google and other … (50 comments)

single property website: The global reach of RealBird - 09/30/09 10:29 AM
I reviewed some of our Clicky web analytics reports this morning and I thought that I share some info with our readers through the heat map below.
The map shows the referring countries where visitors came from, in the last 356 days. It is an aggregated analytics report: collecting information on all of the RealBird single property websites and widgets.

Darker colors mean higher traffic count. I was pleasantly surprised that there are only a handful number of countries and territories (yellow color) with no referral traffic. It clearly shows the global reach of RealBird through syndication, SEO and property … (9 comments)

single property website: New ActiveRain and Localism embed code is available for your RealBird listings - SEO benefits - 09/25/09 09:21 AM
We extended the available options for embedding your listings that are published via RealBird. The new ActiveRain, Localism and blog post widget is an HTML embed code and designed for maximizing the SEO benefits of reposting your RealBird listings to your blogs. As opposed to the other RealBird listing widgets, this new version generates an embeddable flyer as a HTML code, that you can copy and paste into your blog post and it has many deep links to your RealBird single property website, to your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, MyBlogLog, AR) to your regular website, to your other homes for … (69 comments)

single property website: Turn your single property websites into banner ads on Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, AOL - 07/29/09 11:11 AM

This post is reblogged from our RealBird corporate blog
We are pleased to announce our partnership with iPromote - an innovative, one-click display advertising solution provider that lets you convert your RealBird property websites into standard-size banner ads and distribute them on major networks like MSN, AOL, Yahoo and Facebook.
How does it work? With the current feature release, an iPromote icon is provided on the listing management page for each of your listings in the RealBird member area (see image below) Clicking the icon pops up a preview panel, then clicking the "Next" button redirects to the iPromote … (6 comments)

single property website: - free, high-quality stock photography - 06/09/09 05:14 PM
Launched in May, 2009 provides free, professional stock photos for personal and commercial use.  Use it for your ActiveRain theme, for your Twitter account or to enhance your RealBird listing design with stunning backgrounds.
The way photoXpress works is that you get daily download credits for different things, up to 10 per day. You get 1 free download credit per day for just registering and an additional 4 credits per day to fan them on Facebook. Easy enough. 
We wrote about how to use Creative Common licensed Flickr images for your presentation a year ago. PhotoXpress is now another alternative to get … (10 comments)

single property website: Free MLS-friendly Virtual Tour - grab it during the next two weeks - 02/23/09 09:59 AM
Listing presentation courtesy ofBrenda Magness, Brenda Blaser & Pam Yoakum Realty GroupAs many of you may know, the RealBird Listing Publisher service is one of the leading single property websites and listing syndication services. It is a completely free service with an extensive set of features that make it easy for you to market your listings online: through search engines, on classifed sites and social networks. Many of you may also wonder how we actually make money to support the free service. In short, we are selling optional add-on services such as street address domain names, map-based IDX search and MLS-friendly … (31 comments)

single property website: Who wants to be linked from Google's blog? I am not joking - 01/12/09 11:06 AM
In March 2008, - when we released the Google Street View integration for the RealBird single property websites -, we were fortunate to be presented as one of the a case studies on one of Google's own blogs. Even better, they linked to one of the property websites we featured as an example. That's right, an editorial link directly from Google herself to a then active, for-sale listing. Unfortunately, that particular property website has been deleted by our client and that led to an interesting situation: there is a link currently active on one of Google's very own blogs, pointing to … (131 comments)

single property website: RealBird flies to the US Virgin Islands - 09/09/08 06:59 AM
Say hello to Kim Lucas, our first RealBird member from the US Virgin Islands.

See Kim's listing on RealBird: "Building Lot in St. Croix Rainforest"
We would also like to thank Barbara Erskine from Virtual Business Solutions for making this happen.
-- Zoltan

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