realbird: Checklist for listing interviews - 10/07/17 10:30 AM
A small update to our RealBird listing marketing toolkit goes a long way to helping you at listing interviews. You can now easily set up a draft listing website even when you don't have photos for the property and RealBird will automatically include a Google Streetview as the property photo.
Here is the quick checklist:
Create a draft RealBird single property website - 1 minute setup time
Buy an address domain name for it through the RealBird domain name store - Make sure you showcase your "investment" to the potential seller. You are one foot in the door :). Alternatively, you can use the … (2 comments)

realbird: Text code listing marketing stickers - 40% OFF - 09/23/17 11:15 AM
The RealBird SMS real estate marketing stickers are 40% OFF until September 24, 2017 via this link.
Just head over to the RealBird store and use the coupon code ZAZZLESAVING
Make sure you customize the text on the sticker before adding to your cart, using your own SMS code and your RealBird SMS phone number.  
The example above shows the 4.5 x 2.7 inch RealBird SMS marketing sticker. You'll get a sheet of 4 stickers for this amazingly low price of $6.75-40%=$4.05. Coupon expires September 24, 2017.  
This is an ideal size for example to stick on your flyer boxes at your sign riders and … (0 comments)

realbird: New Wordpress Featured Listing Plugin - 09/22/17 03:05 PM

We are in the process of final testing a new RealBird Featured Listing Wordpress plugin for self-hosted Wordpress real estate sites/blogs. 
We are now running the beta plugin in production on one of our blogs at  Take a look to see a live exmple.
Once installed on your own blog, you'll be able to just add a shortcode to a post and the RealBird plugin will pull dynamic listing information from your RealBird database. You will be able to update the details on RealBird as usual and it automatically updates it on your blog as well with full SEO benefits (no iframes).
The goal is to make … (0 comments)

realbird: Ready for some refreshed RealBird Virtual Tours? - 09/15/17 06:57 PM
We are getting close to launching the updated MLS-friendly, non-branded RealBird virtual tours for your listings. As a reminder, or for those of you who do not yet use RealBird for virtual tours, with RealBird PRO, you can market unlimited listings for one, flat low yearly fee. Part of the many RealBird tools and options, the MLS-friendly, non-branded virtual tours have been a popular one for a long time. There are many branded options as well for listing marketing, but this particular one is for MLS promotion where non-branded tours are required.
With this new version, we hope, this particular RealBird service will gain even … (2 comments)

realbird: Recap of recent RealBird feature updates - 09/05/17 12:47 PM

1) Faster social media sharing: you can now upload your primary picture together with the brief listing info, which cuts down the time significantly. Create a basic listing site in less than a minute and share it to social media easily using the new confirmation page. Since you already have the first picture published, you are ready for social media sharing. You can then go on with adding unlimited, additional photos and more detailed content to your site.
2) Promote your past sales with new features: many of the RealBird power-users have been using the sold listing marketing feature to win more … (0 comments)

realbird: How to auto-share your sold listings to social media and with widgets - 08/20/17 01:33 PM
On RealBird, you can easily manage your pending and sold listings too and cumulatively build your online footprint by having more and more single property sites with your contact information published, both for current and past listings.
You are also provided with an RSS feed for your sold listings which enables many automated marketing opportunities. Here is a quick list:
Use your RealBird sold listings RSS feed with Mailchimp and automatically email your list when you update a listing status on RealBird to sold Use the FeedWind's widget and easily embed your Sold listings on websites and blogs.  Autopublish to social media every time you sell a property … (2 comments)

realbird: Using SMS lead capture postcards for farming - 08/16/17 10:58 AM
How many touch points does your farming action list include? Janie Coffey has a great webinar explaining that it can take up to a dozen touch points over a period of time, on average to convert a prospect.
Postcards are long been part of many agents' farming toolkit and with our new Homes By SMS service, you can now extend your efforts with powerful, text messaging based seller prospecting.
Homes By SMS comes with 50 free postcards that we receive upon signup. All you have to do is mail it to your farming's prospects, according to your action plan. If you like the response rate, which you'll … (0 comments)

realbird: Do you spend on listing marketing in a seller's market? - 08/08/17 09:21 AM
This is a recurring question we hear over and over again. What's the point of listing marketing in markets, where prorperly priced listings are sold with multple offers and within short time.
We'd like to hear your opinion. Below is the repost of our take, from our RealBird blog,
We call our home real estate market the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, as some of our employees live on the Peninsula, a few minutes from San Francisco, others along the Monterey Bay and our HQ is in Santa Cruz. This is a territory of 50+ miles radius with common real estate market characteristics … (1 comments)

realbird: Use your existing IDX search with Homes By SMS - 08/04/17 02:09 PM
Did you know? 
Homes By SMS - RealBird's all-inclusive text code home search service  - can be configured with your existing IDX search service, in most cases.
About Homes By SMS
Homes By SMS provides a private-labeled, all-inclusive mobile home search tool for growing your buyer side business. You can use different call-to-action messages on print flyers, sign riders, postcards, sweepstakes and online landing pages, asking home buyers to text a location to your dedicated SMS phone numbers. It's an "SMS-gate", effectively, for your IDX search service, that extends your current home search services and if used at the right place with the right call-to-action message, it can dramatically increase your … (0 comments)

realbird: New RealBird sweepstakes. Share the love, will you? - 02/18/17 11:35 AM
We started a new RealBird sweepstakes and giving away a Google Home device for the lucky winner. 
Rules are the same as before:
Log into your RealBird account (or sign up for free if you are not a member yet) Invite your colleagues to join via email, social media or sharing your RealBird referral email link that you can find on this member page The more people you refer, the more entries you receive in the sweepstakes. Referral points never expire. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Void where prohibited by law. … (2 comments)

realbird: SMS marketing platform updated with Caller ID - 09/27/16 10:23 AM
Reposted from the RealBird blog for our ActiveRain readers
Twilio - the service powering the RealBird SMS marketing platform - has some amazing new features using 3rd party Add-ons and we added support for them in RealBird as well.  This is just a quick post about this update while we are working on the full announcement, should you want to start exploring it today.
One of the most useful add-ons is the caller ID lookup feature. With that, you can now receive name, address, emails and other public, non-confidential information about your prospect via service providers like Next Caller. These are all actionable information and will greatly enhance your marketing efforts and best of all, it … (0 comments)

realbird: SEO is back with a vengeance! RealBird webinar with Katerina Gasset - 05/12/16 03:08 AM
We are very pleased to announce that Katerina Gasset will be our next guest speaker on May 18, 2016 at 8 AM PDT.  Her topic:  "SEO is back with a vengeance!" You don’t want to miss this! Discover how SEO has changed and what you need to know for 2016 and beyond as Google makes changes to how they rank the content on the web. 
Find out how you can be a part of our FREE 30 Day SEO Challenge.
Katerina Gasset is a REALTOR®, and a Certified Digital Marketing Funnel Expert. Owner of Listing Experts Academy and Fast Track SEO. 
She is also the top blogger on … (2 comments)

realbird: $14.2M Worth Of Listings With Expired Marketing In 6 Months - 03/08/16 01:19 AM

Come hear about an impressive sales success story and out of the box marketing strategy at our upcoming webinar with guest speaker Janie Coffey of Manormor Sotheby's International Realty. Upon returning to sales in a brand new market she got 10 listings, average price $1.42M/listing, in just 6 months, starting from ground zero, with expired listings marketing with no cold calling.
She is going to share her best practices with all of us at our upcoming, free RealBird webinar. The webinar will be on March 25, 2016 at 9 AM (Pacific Time).
You can register to the webinar for free here
We hope to see many … (2 comments)

realbird: Using the RealBird branded property photo on Craigslist - 06/29/15 01:57 AM
See below an example of using the RealBird branded listing photo and the RealBird SMS platform in a Craigslist ad.
The link of the Craigslist ad will expire eventually, but until then, you can view it online as well.
Do you have an example of your usage of these RealBird services that we could share with others? 

realbird: Win More Listings With RealBird - 05/19/15 05:15 AM
Our services at RealBird have been used for marketing some 400,000 listings in recent years via the RealBird Listing Publisher service. Over and over however, the question came up from new and also from successful members about how to use RealBird to win more listings at listing interviews as well.
Using RealBird for creating sold property websites or using your RealBird mobile website with QR and text codes are some of the existing tools to help you with this, but we now added a new brand section to RealBird, called "Win More Listings" that will collect a growing library of offline and online tools to help you set … (4 comments)

realbird: The RealBird Map-Search plugin supports Wordpress 4.0 - 09/05/14 05:50 AM
Reposted from our RealBird blog. We know that many of you use both ActiveRain and Wordpress for blogging so we thought this is relevant info for our ActiveRain readers as well:
Wordpress 4.0 just launched yesterday focusing mainly on improving content authoring and management features. We are happy to let you know that the RealBird Wordpress Plugin for adding your Nearby Homes Map-Search widget to your posts is fully compatible with this new Wordpress release. 

The RealBird Wordpress plugin is available for real estate agents and brokers with RealBird PRO:
nationwide across the USA (with data sourced from Oodle's database) IDX sourced in … (3 comments)

realbird: RealBird sweepstake ends in five days. Still time to enter. - 04/10/14 11:09 AM

There are five more days before the drawing of the current RealBird sweepstake (midnight of April 15, 2014). 
Below is the reminder of how to participate and to increase your chance of winning:
Prize: Google Nexus 7 tablet (16GB model)  You have to be a real estate agent or broker in the USA or Canada You have to be a RealBird member Collect reward points by inviting your colleagues to join RealBird or by submitting your RealBird testimonial via the "Rewards" page in the RealBird member area: use the built-in email tool or share your referral link. Each reward point is … (4 comments)

realbird: How to post your RealBird widget to ActiveRain using the new editor - 11/13/13 06:27 AM
We received several support calls from ActiveRain users asking why their RealBird widget code produces mis-formatted images in AR blog posts. The correct way to post the widget HTML codes into a blog is to use the HTML mode of the new AR editor. You will need to click the in the AR toolbar for this, and then paste the RealBird code in there. You can add any other text to pre- or post-face the widget.
Let us know please if you encounter any problems with it.

-- The RealBird Team

realbird: Add Your Real Estate License Number and Google+ Profile to your RealBird Services - 11/07/13 01:16 PM
We added two new profile options to your RealBird services:

Just like with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ActiveRain, Trulia and Zillow, you have now an option to add a link of your Google+ profile to your RealBird services. It will be automatically displayed under your photo and contact information on your single property websites, virtual tours and search engines.
To add your Google+ link, just update your account on the Profile page in the RealBird member area.
Real Estate license number
A new field is also introduced for your real estate license number. It is a free form field (it will … (7 comments)

realbird: Special RealBird Webinar with Guest Speaker Leeza Morris - 11/04/13 01:13 AM
We’re very pleased to announce that next week, Wednesday, Nov  6 2013 at 8 AM (Pacific time) we will have a guest speaker for you at our weekly webinar:  Leeza Morris, Realtor from Denton TX.
She has a Master’s degree from the University of Portland, holds several certifications, such as E-Pro and NAR GREEN and is a very savvy online real estate marketer. 
Leeza will share with us her tips for generating buyer and seller leads from online sources.  This webinar is planned to last for about one hour.  Please join us by registering here:
-- The RealBird Team

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