listing marketing: Checklist for listing interviews - 10/07/17 10:30 AM
A small update to our RealBird listing marketing toolkit goes a long way to helping you at listing interviews. You can now easily set up a draft listing website even when you don't have photos for the property and RealBird will automatically include a Google Streetview as the property photo.
Here is the quick checklist:
Create a draft RealBird single property website - 1 minute setup time
Buy an address domain name for it through the RealBird domain name store - Make sure you showcase your "investment" to the potential seller. You are one foot in the door :). Alternatively, you can use the … (2 comments)

listing marketing: Text code listing marketing stickers - 40% OFF - 09/23/17 11:15 AM
The RealBird SMS real estate marketing stickers are 40% OFF until September 24, 2017 via this link.
Just head over to the RealBird store and use the coupon code ZAZZLESAVING
Make sure you customize the text on the sticker before adding to your cart, using your own SMS code and your RealBird SMS phone number.  
The example above shows the 4.5 x 2.7 inch RealBird SMS marketing sticker. You'll get a sheet of 4 stickers for this amazingly low price of $6.75-40%=$4.05. Coupon expires September 24, 2017.  
This is an ideal size for example to stick on your flyer boxes at your sign riders and … (0 comments)

listing marketing: New Wordpress Featured Listing Plugin - 09/22/17 03:05 PM

We are in the process of final testing a new RealBird Featured Listing Wordpress plugin for self-hosted Wordpress real estate sites/blogs. 
We are now running the beta plugin in production on one of our blogs at  Take a look to see a live exmple.
Once installed on your own blog, you'll be able to just add a shortcode to a post and the RealBird plugin will pull dynamic listing information from your RealBird database. You will be able to update the details on RealBird as usual and it automatically updates it on your blog as well with full SEO benefits (no iframes).
The goal is to make … (0 comments)

listing marketing: Using SMS lead capture postcards for farming - 08/16/17 10:58 AM
How many touch points does your farming action list include? Janie Coffey has a great webinar explaining that it can take up to a dozen touch points over a period of time, on average to convert a prospect.
Postcards are long been part of many agents' farming toolkit and with our new Homes By SMS service, you can now extend your efforts with powerful, text messaging based seller prospecting.
Homes By SMS comes with 50 free postcards that we receive upon signup. All you have to do is mail it to your farming's prospects, according to your action plan. If you like the response rate, which you'll … (0 comments)

listing marketing: Do you spend on listing marketing in a seller's market? - 08/08/17 09:21 AM
This is a recurring question we hear over and over again. What's the point of listing marketing in markets, where prorperly priced listings are sold with multple offers and within short time.
We'd like to hear your opinion. Below is the repost of our take, from our RealBird blog,
We call our home real estate market the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, as some of our employees live on the Peninsula, a few minutes from San Francisco, others along the Monterey Bay and our HQ is in Santa Cruz. This is a territory of 50+ miles radius with common real estate market characteristics … (1 comments)

listing marketing: New Listing Inventory Board Features - 06/04/13 02:18 AM
We added a set of new features for the recently announced RealBird Inventory Board widget.
You can now configure the following additional options in the RealBird member area when generating your embed code. As a reminder: you can create as many distinctly configured Board widget as you wish and embed them on different pages of your websites and blogs. The widgets are of course automatically updated when you add or update a listing on RealBird.
Following are the new options:
Show or hide listing title Show small or large listing blocks - large listing blocks might be more appealing for showcasing smaller … (7 comments)

listing marketing: New RealBird Craigslist property ad generator launched - 12/08/11 11:35 AM
We just launched a new Craigslist code generator for your listings on RealBird.

Major improvements include:
Much prettier Craigslist ad design: You can now select any (!) background color for your ad and we will automatically theme your RealBird design for Craigslist More tools to avoid Craigslist "ghosting", which is their method of fighting spam: Craigslist has an undocumented algorithm which automatically flags ads and hides them from the public. The new RealBird service generates improved compliant HTML code and provides you with an option to turn on and off any of the three links that point back to your … (15 comments)

listing marketing: "Sticky" Featured Properties on Your RealBird Map-based Search Widget - 08/23/11 10:46 PM
We added a simple but powerful new feature to the RealBird Map-based Property Search tool yesterday.
Your own featured listings - published through the RealBird Listing Publisher service - are now shown as "sticky" icons on your RealBird map search. By "sticky" we mean that it is search criteria independent, so no matter what your client is searching for, your own listings within the specific map boundary are always presented to them using a special icon.

Click here or the image above to see a live example of this feature, courtesy of Katerina Gasset 
By default, we use a distinct … (15 comments)

listing marketing: Facebook Listing Page update and other productivity features - 07/21/10 11:19 AM
Our recently launched Facebook Listing Page integration with RealBird has gained popularity pretty fast: Over 500 agents and brokers are already using it. With this new RealBird software update it is now even more convenient to manage your Facebook Listing Pages, directly from the RealBird listing management interface.
For our new readers, here is a quick recap of what the Facebook Listing Pages are all about:
With the new Facebook Open Graph API integration, you can now set up an individual Facebook Pages for your of your single property websites on RealBird and it only takes one click per listing. You can then use … (17 comments)

listing marketing: Facebook Workshop: RealBird webinars tomorrow at 9 AM and 2PM (Pacific time) - 07/12/10 11:08 AM
You are cordially invited to attend one of our free Facebook Workshop webinars tomorrow (July 13).
Agenda: The Many Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing Your Listings
Read our intro on our previous post and then pick the time slot that fits your schedule. We'll walk you through the steps it takes to utilize RealBird for Facebook marketing:
Tuesday, July 13, 9 AM (Pacific):
Tuesday, July 13, 2 PM (Pacific):
We hope to see many of you tomorrow.

-- Zoltan

listing marketing: Simple and powerful sharing of your RealBird property websites on Posterous - 05/27/10 06:40 AM
This tutorial is for people who also use Posterous as a blogging platform besides ActiveRain and other solutions.
We at RealBird have 3 blogs:
ActiveRain our corporate blog on Typepad  and a Poserous blog ActiveRain is our most active one in terms of engagement and communication and we use it - just like with this post - to reach out to real estate professionals with tips, tutorials and announcements, and not just about RealBird but also about other related technologies and trends. Our RealBird corporate blog is mostly for RealBird related posts and is more formal with much less comments but … (12 comments)

listing marketing: RealBird real estate toolbar, private labeled for you - powered by Conduit - 04/30/10 05:17 AM
We are pleased to introduce our new RealBird service: the RealBird real estate browser toolbar. It is a browser toolbar - powered by Conduit's core technology - that is private labeled for you and allows your visitors and clients to search for homes, see your featured listings, your hand picked community feeds and more, right from their browser, even after they leave your website.

To get started with setting up your toolbar, do the following:
Create a free Conduit account Read our detailed tutorial Get your RealBird toolbar modules from the RealBird member area
Please note, that these new features are only available for RealBird PRO members.
Cross-browser Property … (6 comments)

listing marketing: RealBird Quick Share Tool update - easily share your listings on Craigslist and other social networks - 04/08/10 12:32 PM
We wrote about the RealBird Quick Share productivity tool a few month ago and today we released some neat updates that make this tool even more useful. The less time, efforts and clicks it takes to perform a task, the more it will be used. The more you use this RealBird productivity tool, the more exposure your listing gets. Hence the need for these updates.
The Quick Share tool is a webpage that lists all of your properties that are published via RealBird and provides you an easy way to perform repetitive tasks such as reposting your listings to social media sites, to … (16 comments)

listing marketing: Animoto API is now integrated with RealBird for easy listing video publishing - 03/15/10 10:20 AM

Ever since Animoto was launched, we have been waiting for a way to integrate their amazing service with RealBird. With their recent release of the Animoto API, we are glad to let you know that RealBird is now integrated with Animoto for easy, high-impact video creation that can be shared on websites, blogs, social networks and even on YouTube for maximum exposure.
What is Animoto ?
Animoto has a technology that takes your photos, music and other, optional media content such as texts and existing videos and mixes them together into a very attractive and highly unique video presentation. Transition effects are based on … (46 comments)

listing marketing: How to post your RealBird listing on ActiveRain and Localism - video tutorial - 12/16/09 11:57 PM
We wrote about this RealBird feature earlier, but I thought I share a video tutorial with you as well. Janie Coffey created the video and it also demonstrates other best practices, such as picking the right title and using ActiveRain channels and categories for your post.  Thanks Janie !
More video tutorials on the RealBird Tutorial wiki
-- Zoltan

listing marketing: RealBird Webinars posted on a Google Calendar - 12/03/09 04:39 PM
We have created a public Google Calendar for our upcoming, free RealBird Webinars because we are organizing them more and more often and writing only blog posts about them was not effective anymore. Some of our readers and members could not attend previous events and asked us about upcoming webinars and we did not have a repository to use as a reference. Until now. Please see the embedded Google Calendar below. You can add the RealBird Webinar Calendar to your own Google account, Outlook or other iCal compatible calendar and get notified on upcoming events. 
If you see a webinar date … (5 comments)

listing marketing: Facebook your Listings (the right way) - via Mike Mueller - 11/17/09 05:53 PM
Mike Mueller is doing some advanced customization with the RealBird Facebook application for his clients. Beautiful !
You can connect with Mike at
One of the first questions I get asked by an Agent who wants a Custom Facebook Business Page created is “Can you pull in my listings – here’s my IDX Feed” The answer is No! "Pretty Please?" Still No. Not because I don't want to. You see... Facebook does not like dynamic content in custom tabs and guess what your IDX feed is? Yup! “Dynamic”. But wait there’s a workaround and a very pretty one at that. … (16 comments)

listing marketing: Quick sharing to Craigslist, Backpage and social media - Productivity update #2 - 10/19/09 02:28 PM
As promised, we continue to roll out productivity upgrades to the RealBird Listing Publisher. Here is the second feature which should reduce the time it requires to perform important repetitive tasks such as reposting your RealBird property websites to Craigslist and to social media. The more clicks we save for, the more likely you will actually use the features. So our theory goes ...
Last week, we made a downloadable PDF file available that should help you keep track of repetitive tasks with a simple checklist. The #2 productivity feature we have just released is a Quick Share page that shows … (9 comments)

listing marketing: Listing marketing checklist - Let's go low-tech, shall we? - 10/15/09 06:51 PM
Well, let's not. At least not completely.
Please find below a downloadable, printable PDF listing marketing action item sheet: a basic, but powerful checklist and progress tracker for your RealBird listing marketing activity. It's low-tech, because it is designed to be printed and to be pinned on your office wall or filed in your listing folder. It's also low-tech, because you can mark the completed action items with your favorite red marker, no need to use your wireless bluetooth, fingerprint scanning, music playing mighty mouse. But than it's cutting-edge again because it encourages you to take advantage of RealBird's online marketing … (18 comments)

listing marketing: Using A Dynamic Photo Wall To Highlight Your Listings and Get Google Juice! - 10/11/09 09:56 AM
We just love it when Katerina Gasset (@CoachKaterina) writes a great tutorial with live examples about one of the RealBird features. See below her post and make sure you check out one of her upcoming SEO seminars too.
Thank you Katerina !
-- Zoltan
Using a dynamic photo wall to highlight your listings and get google juice- doesn't get much better than that!
Realbird just came out with this feature of the photo wall for your Realbird account and that you post on your blogs, websites and even add to your Realbird single property sites for each … (5 comments)

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