google: Add Your Real Estate License Number and Google+ Profile to your RealBird Services - 11/07/13 01:16 PM
We added two new profile options to your RealBird services:

Just like with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ActiveRain, Trulia and Zillow, you have now an option to add a link of your Google+ profile to your RealBird services. It will be automatically displayed under your photo and contact information on your single property websites, virtual tours and search engines.
To add your Google+ link, just update your account on the Profile page in the RealBird member area.
Real Estate license number
A new field is also introduced for your real estate license number. It is a free form field (it will … (7 comments)

google: Kindle Fire or Google Nexus tablet? What would be your choice? - 09/27/12 02:42 PM
There are three more days to go before the current RealBird sweepstake ends (midnight of Sept 30, 2012). The original prize was the Google Nexus tablet, but since the start of the most recent RealBird sweepstake, Amazon has launched their brand new Kindle Fire tablet as well.
So we thought: let the lucky winner on October 1 decide which tablet to receive as the prize:
the Google Nexus 7 tablet (8GB) or the Amazon Kindle Fire HD (7" 16GB) As a reminder, the sweepstake rules are simple:
Be a real estate agent or broker in the USA or Canada Be a RealBird member … (9 comments)

google: Google's new freshness algorithm and the RealBird video search results - 11/08/11 03:42 AM
Those of you who are following SEO closely might have heard about Google's new freshness algorithm and that they are now showing additional information along the search results like author photos, video thumbnails, social recommendations etc.
We were pleasantly surprised in the last few months by some of the treatments RealBird received from Google. First we noticed that most of the RealBird property websites are now enhanced with a video thumbnail in Google's SERP (search engine result page) and also that since the launch of the new RealBird platform, the number of indexed pages jumped from 300K to well over 1 million
Here are … (8 comments)

google: About the recent Google announcement concerning real estate - 01/31/11 03:50 AM
Many have already asked about this so here is our official blog post about the sudden developments at Google that were first announced a month or so ago and again a few days ago. We had a meeting with Google last week and while we are under an NDA and can not disclose the details of our conversation with them, we can clarify the dates and the nature of Google’s announcement that was made public and that caused a little bit of confusion due to their vague explanations:Google Base will be discontinued on June 1, 2011Google Base is the database product … (13 comments)

google: Multi-photo syndication with RealBird is now live. Some cool SEO too - 09/16/10 03:24 PM
We have been testing it since last week and we are pleased to let you know that the RealBird listing syndication service now sends multiple photos to Google Base, Trulia and Zillow. This is a long due feature, especially with the existing, unlimited photo capabilities of the RealBird Listing Publisher, but finally, your RealBird listing syndication service also includes multiple photos now (10 photos for Google Base and up to 30 photos to Trulia and Zillow)
There is no special action required on your side, just use RealBird as before and upload as many large photos for your single property websites as … (22 comments)

google: Google Wave will change the way real estate transactions are conducted online - 10/03/09 10:52 AM
First, please watch this YouTube video by Epipheo Studio explaining why Google Wave will revolutionize email communication. Then see how it will change online real estate transactions and sales cycles for the better, by making it integrated, manageable and streamlined. 

Most of what I write below is based on my expectation of the exact features of Google Wave without actually having access to it and to the API sandbox (Google - please send us an invite already, will you?) 
As you can see from the video above, Google Wave improves email communication by solving the mess, that the back-and-forth, multi-participant email communication creates. Any … (57 comments)

google: Search The Real Estate Web ™ - 01/21/09 07:06 AM

During the weekend we released a fun and helpful service at It is a search engine based on the Google Custom Search technology and indexes only real estate related websites. Compared to the regular Google Search, this service queries only verified real estate websites. 
The search engine is configured in a way that it will return results from not only the 6 sites listed below but from all the linked sites on those, that is, your outside real estate websites, custom blogs, virtual tours etc.
Sample searches
Searching for a real estate professional: Mirela Monte or Bill … (48 comments)

google: And The Winner Is .... - 01/19/09 03:25 PM
Sherry Armstrong with her listing: Oceanfront Home in Daytona Beach Shores
Congratulation !
As many of you know, we were running a sweapstakes last week to give away a direct editorial link from one of  Google's blogs. We really appreciate the participation of all of you and your enthusiasm. It is our top post on ActiveRain with the most comments. We'll definitely keep doing more sweepstakes here. It was a lot of fun.
Thank you for everybody who helped us promote it. 
You can see the link to Sherry's property on Google's post. It's linked through the RealBird text.

google: Who wants to be linked from Google's blog? I am not joking - 01/12/09 11:06 AM
In March 2008, - when we released the Google Street View integration for the RealBird single property websites -, we were fortunate to be presented as one of the a case studies on one of Google's own blogs. Even better, they linked to one of the property websites we featured as an example. That's right, an editorial link directly from Google herself to a then active, for-sale listing. Unfortunately, that particular property website has been deleted by our client and that led to an interesting situation: there is a link currently active on one of Google's very own blogs, pointing to … (131 comments)

google: Google predicts flu outbreak - 11/11/08 04:05 PM
Found it on ReadWriteWeb. It's absolutely cool. Google - using statistical information about flu related searches -  can predict flu outbreak. In other words, people start searching for flu remedies and related information when the flu season actually starts kicking in.
See and be stunned.
Also, see the explanation on how this works.

google: If image love is all we get, then image love is what we take - 10/27/08 10:01 PM
I found some very interesting web analytics data, something I never saw before: One of our web properties - , a niche, luxury blog for the curious - had a jump in search engine referral traffic recently. Surprisingly enough, the referral search engine is not the regular Google Search (or Yahoo/Microsoft etc.), but the Google Image Search engine. Never before did I see such a high percentage of traffic coming from an Image Search engine compared to traffic from other referral sources.
Visit  to see the content. 

What's different between people using image search engines vs. regular search engines?

google: Knol - Google's knowledge sharing wiki platform is now open to the public - 07/27/08 03:15 PM

One and a half year ago, when we introduced RealKi - which later became InmanWiki, which is now part of the's community site - our core intention was to create a specialized, real estate wiki similar to Wikipedia, but for real estate knowledge only and with special emphasize for the original authorship, while encouraging editing and corrections by other community members as well. Wikis differ from blogs mainly by the simple fact that they encourage a group of people (experts) to refine a topic. While blog comments enable the public to participate in a conversation, blog authors and commenters … (9 comments)

google: What's your Microsoft/Yahoo strategy? - 05/31/08 11:00 AM
Following the Microsoft, Yahoo negotiation in the last few months and the eventual Microsoft widthrawal and then the re-started talks a few days ago, it made me think if there is search engine marketing strategy specific to Yahoo and Microsoft, one which could be used to reach Microsoft's and Yahoo's 30.7% share of the Internet searchers.
According to the Comscore March 2008 report the following is the distribution among the 5 major search engines:
Google: 59.8% Yahoo: 21.3% Microsoft: 9.4% AOL: 4.8% Ask: 4.7% While Google is clearly the leader with a large and growing margin, Yahoo's and Microsoft's combined share … (11 comments)

google: Google factory tour - 05/24/08 07:11 AM
For those of you who are interested in Google's vision regarding providing access to pretty much every aspect of the digital information surrounding us and in the search product developments in general, the video below is a great source of insight. It's over 2 hours long. The first hour and a half is about their different search products, including maps and location information. This is one of the topics which is very valuable for the real estate industry and will result in some significant disruption in the near future I believe.
The last 40-50 minutes is about their new product: Google … (5 comments)

google: Windows Live following the trail of Google Street View - 05/04/08 06:48 AM
This morning, at around 10:30 AM,  I spotted a black SUV with the unmistakable camera stand on the top, driving toward me on Webster St in Palo Alto. I just got out of my car coming home from Peet's with my morning coffee when the car drove by me. The back of the car was clearly labeled: Windows Live Local.
This photo is from dated June 2007, not the actual car I saw today, but it looked identical 
Microsoft has been taken street-side view photos for their preview mapping service since 2006, at least that's when the first blog posts appeared … (10 comments)

google: Translate your ActiveRain blog - How to add the Google translation tool to your sidebar - 04/14/08 05:52 AM
Encouraged by Mirela's success in finding a German buyer lead using RealBird and its built-in automatic translation feature, I thought it made only sense to add the Google translation service to ActiveRain as well and provide international visitors an option to translate articles.
See the translation drop down on the right side bar above our ActiveRain Associates Widget >>>Please note, that this is an automatic translation service and quality of the translation differs from languages to languages. Nevertheless, it provides one more option to engage a specific segment of your visitors.Google seems to be serious about this service. They provide … (29 comments)

google: Street View API is out and we got it covered - 03/28/08 10:18 AM
Google just released their API for the amazing Street View service some 28 hours ago and we could not wait to tap into it right away. For a month or so, we have been supporting the embedding of Google Street View neighborhood tours, but it required quite some manual labor for each listing and adaptation was therefore slow.
From now on, there is no need to go through the manual process, the Street View overlay is automatically embedded in the single property websites created with RealBird. While the coverage is still limited, the API based implementation will automatically pick up new … (11 comments)

google: Google Street View - now with embeddable widget option - 01/27/08 05:15 PM
Google Street View is one of the coolest things Google has come out with since their initial Google Maps release. As many of you already know, Google started to take photos of streets not unlike A9 and Microsoft did before. Except the way Google implemented it on Google Maps actually made it very usable, quick and interactive.
It is obviously a very powerful neighborhood visualization tool and should be in every real estate agent's toolbox for online, virtual listing presentation.
Up till recently, there was no way to use it in your own blog or website other than by linking to … (2 comments)

google: Secret link love - 10/12/07 04:01 PM
There are a few recent developments, which can turn out to be new ways of getting fresh exposures for your listings
YouTube videos are now included in organic Google search results
Google now includes links to matching YouTube videos not only in their video search but also on their main search result pages. They even include playback capability inline without the need of clicking through to YouTube itself.
See for example a search for "Inman News" "Words That Sell"
It will bring up Brad Inman's Fox News interview as the number one result. I am not sure how they rank YouTube videos compared to other … (3 comments)

google: Google indexing it's own AdWords ads - 06/12/07 05:40 PM
This is interesting:
I  was checking Google to see whether our newly released service at was already available in Google's index. I found two search result pages of indexed websites already and the last one on the first result page had a title: Compare South America Review at Review Centre
This did not seem to be related so I clicked to see what it is all about and suprisingly enough, I found our Google AdSense advertising being the only link related on that site.
In other words, Google Search shows a web page, which is only related to the search term by Google's own, … (3 comments)

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