patricia feager: Farm Animals - Justin, Texas - 08/14/17 04:51 PM
by Patricia Feager, 8/14/2017
Having a residential property under contract in Justin, Texas has given me a chance to get out of my city comfort zone and into the animal kingdom on the farm. I have enjoyed seeing buffalo, cows, donkeys, bulls, and horses too. Here are the latest photos I took of a cows eye, the bull (I just couldn't capture a bulls eye), donkey, and some cow hide.
Odd as they may look, they were all just as curious to see me. We made each other vulnerable, except of course for cow hide, I just couldn't get her face! The fact … (28 comments)

patricia feager: Showing Off My Flower Mound Blooms - 08/11/17 11:14 AM
by Patricia Feager, 8/11/2017
Show Us Your Summer Blooms and Crops - An Active Rain Challenge 
I love to plant flowers in my Flower Mound garden. Long before I moved to Flower Mound, TX, I had a passion for flowers, butterflies, bees, and dragonflies. My earliest recollections in life began helping my grandmother plant flowers in Chicago. Here in Flower Mound, I can plant flowers and appreciate blooms 365 days out of year by knowing what to plant and when. 
Lantanas are the easiest plant to grow in Flower Mound because it's a native plant. The tiny cluster of flowers comes in an array … (28 comments)

patricia feager: The Move - All Experience Is An Arch - 08/10/17 07:58 AM
by Patricia Feager, 8/10/2017
"All experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that
untravelled world whose margin fades for ever and for ever 
when I move." --- Alfred Lord Tennyson
Move - an experience that has the potential to change your life. It requires:
Motivation Opportunity Vision Energy
Organization - preparation to invest in your time, purging, getting financial records and finances in order, deciding who, what, when, where, and how do I organize efficiently?
Orchestrate Regroup Give Away Accept Negotiate Initiate Zoom in Action Toss Ignore Outflow Nitpick
Vision - letting go of the past, looking at the present, living forward to what's next! Talk about it. See … (35 comments)

patricia feager: Marge & the Green Dragonfly - 07/30/17 05:24 PM
by Patricia Feager, 7/30/2017
Pet sitting for friends in Flower Mound can be fun because dogs make you more observant in nature. Here's a photo of the dragonfly Marge was chasing. Once she took off to hunt for the squirrel climbing up the tree on the other side of the yard, I was able to photograph this green dragonfly. The sun was so bright and the colors were so vivid!
Marge is in the process of being adopted by my friends. She's quite comical and  very intelligent. When she's in the backyard, it's as if she's on an African Safari. She notices everything! … (20 comments)

patricia feager: An Assumption - Always More To One Side - 07/26/17 07:12 PM
 by Patricia Feager, 7/27/2017
Our minds influence the key activity of the brain, which then influences everything else; perception, cognition, thoughts and feelings, personal relationships; they are all a perception of you. --- Deepak Chopra
Taking a photo of this sunflower from the backside was intriguing to me and just as beautiful as the front side, which I spent considerable more time with my camera. But out of all the beautiful photos of the flower with the seeds in the center, it was the backside that peaked my interest the most.
Without knowing what went on … (29 comments)

patricia feager: AR Meet-Up - Meet Me At The Anatole in Dallas - 07/26/17 12:57 PM
AR MEET-UP 9/9/2017
(214) 748-1200
Calling all Texas REALTORS® to attend the first ActiveRain Meeting in 2017 on September 9, 2017, at the HILTON ANATOLE. All Texas REALTORS® are invited to the Convention and this will be the perfect time for ActiveRain Members to meet-up for some libations, fun, and entertainment. As we get to visit, we'll see who is behind the Profile Photos writing all those AR posts! 
Thanks Bob Crane for the invitation to call up each other and host an AR Meeting during the months of August and September. 
The meet-up will be held on 9/9 from 7 … (41 comments)

patricia feager: Texas Sky - 07/24/17 11:25 PM
By Patricia Feager
Today is Tuesday, 12:58 a.m. I can't stop thinking about the big, beautiful Texas sky. As of late, I am mesmerized, seeing amazing cloud formations, and gorgeous sunsets. I wonder what people are seeing on the other side of the globe? This shot was taken in Carrollton, Texas. It stopped me in my tracks. I wasn't the only one looking up or the only one taking photos. The following photo expresses my thoughts about deriving pleasure out of nothing but a cloud.
What secrets are hidden by the cloud on the other side of the world, we know nothing, yet … (40 comments)

patricia feager: Something Learned from ActiveRain - 07/24/17 08:59 AM
by Patricia Feager, 7/24/2017
Earth, Water, Sky
Something I learned from Bob Stewart at one of his visits to the Marriott for a presentation of ActiveRain in Plano, TX several years ago, is that using photographs in a blog post is an effective way to get noticed with SEO. From that day on, I didn't just take photographs, I practiced as if I was preparing for the State Bar exam! Try, try, try, as I did, I felt that on ActiveRain there was always somebody better than me. To be clear, that was not Bob's intent to convey that message - it was MY interpretation. … (79 comments)

patricia feager: FOR SALE - 1408 Riverside Drive, Roanoke - 07/21/17 07:46 AM
by Patricia Feager, 7/21/2017
LITTLE city, BIG heart Roanoke, TX is a more than just an ordinary city, call it extraordinary! Now on the market for sale is 1408 Riverside Drive, located minutes away from HWY 114 which all exits lead to places such as:
Los Colinas (upscale Dallas suburb of Irving)
Dallas (major city in the Metroplex)
Fort Worth (trading post for cowboys at the end of the Chisholm Trail)
NASCAR Texas Motor Speedway (fast cars, speeding hearts), etc.
Southlake (upscale DFW suburb)
Roanoke (Historic District on Oak Street)
Grapevine (Historic District on Main)
1408 Riverside measures 1,854 square feet *per … (9 comments)

patricia feager: And the Day Came... - 07/15/17 10:57 PM
by Patricia Feager, 7/16/2017
And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
Have you ever noticed that every flower embodies aspects of you,
your timidness; then hopes to blossom into something bigger
and brighter, more beautiful and shy, why?
The spirit of springtime comes alive when flowers bloom,
then tested by rain, wind, and fire. In the midst of
every other day flowers change from radiant to loneliness
just watch the petals hide their face, why?
Softness turns brittle over time, it's one of those changes
that can not  be denied, but why can't things stay … (89 comments)

patricia feager: Marketing & Innovation - Accelerate - 07/14/17 09:28 PM
by Patricia Feager, 7/14/2017
"Business has only two functions - marketing & innovation" --- Milan Kundera
As in any business, whether it's automotive or Real Estate, we manage the business but we have no control over the market, other people, or what drives the economy. To achieve long-term performance that is unmatched by competitors, we must adapt to market changes and stay innovative. A business owner simply can't run out of gas and expect the consumer to be loyal. That is the challenge to all business owners. In order to succeed, the business owner has to accelerate, and embrace technology using … (28 comments)

patricia feager: Maya Hidden Worlds Revealed - Through 9/4/17 - 07/14/17 05:44 AM
"Exploration is the engine that drives innovation.
Innovation drives economic growth. 
So let's all go exploring."
--- Edith Widder
Something fun and educational to see now through September 4, 2017, at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science located at 2201 North Field Street, Dallas, Texas (214) 428-5555 is the Maya Hidden Worlds Revealed Exhibit.
To succeed in any culture or society anywhere in the world innovation and discovery is a must. What better way to learn about civilization than visiting the traveling Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed Exhibit at the Perrot Museum of Nature and Science. Here you will discover:
Master Builders Playing for your Life … (20 comments)

patricia feager: Chris Jackson, DFW Urban Wildlife Photographer/Workshop - 07/10/17 02:52 PM
by Patricia Feager, 7/10/2017
Participating in the Photography Workshop led by Chris Jackson, DFW Urban Wildlife Photographer was an opportunity of a lifetime. Members of the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens are given many opportunities to meet and greet people with amazing talent and do things together as a group. Below is a sample of his work on video to introduce you to the Urban Insects in North Dallas. Also I included still photo shots of my own while chasing the red dragonfly.
The sun was hot. The temperatures were rising after 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, 7/8/2017. A large group of nature/photo enthusiasts … (29 comments)

patricia feager: SINK OR SWIM - 07/09/17 07:58 AM
by Patricia Feager, 7/9/2017
Learning how to shoot wildlife photography with urban photographer Chris Jackson at the Dallas Arboretum on July 8, 2017 was fun and educational. Afterwords, I set off on my own to seek adventure at White Rock Lake Park located about five miles northeast of Downtown Dallas. Chris taught us that when photographing birds, look for the eye and capture the light. In this photo, I couldn't get the light or the eye of the bird; however, the photo spoke to me, reminding me of adversity - sink or swim.
"The eagle has no fear of adversity.
We need … (21 comments)

patricia feager: Fun Stuff To Do July 8 & 9, 2017 in & Around Dallas - 07/08/17 01:06 AM
by Patricia Feager, 7/8/2017
With the admission to the Dallas Arboretum, located at 8525 Garland Road, Chris Jackson, Photographer will be offering a free workshop from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, July 8 and Sunday, July 9th. Guests are free to come and go as they please while learning about the diversity of wildlife.
Chris Jackson co-authored a book, In Your Backyard: Discovering Wildlife. His website is called To meet and learn from Chris, guests can "meet up under the shady canopy found in Pecan Grove." After checking in at the gates, guests can get directions or … (8 comments)

patricia feager: A Gecko in the Mist - 07/07/17 02:27 PM
by Patricia Feager, 7/7/2017
While working in my garden, I discovered this little baby in the mist at the bottom of the tree. Using my creativity, and with the help of my camera and Ribbet, I put the gecko in a bubble for observation for the purpose of educating those who are not familiar with this lizard, a nocturnal creature, and to share some interesting facts. 
According to research, a gecko can measure about 1.6 to 60 cm or up to 24 inches. This one was so tiny, I believe it was a new born. It was so small, I had to wonder if … (22 comments)

patricia feager: #1 Thing To Do After You Purchase A New Home - 06/30/17 03:13 AM
©by Patricia Feager, 6/30/2017
Create a plan before the movers come to unload your furniture and possessions to professionally deep clean before you move in. The house may be vacant, it may look clean, but from a hygiene standpoint, is it really germ free? Germs can linger! You don't want invisible freeloaders. 
In a previous post I wrote on What Can I Do to Attract Buyers? I wanted to be sure prospective Buyers take precautions and cleaning seriously. If you don't have time to read my article, there's one take-away I'd like to share use nontoxic, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and be … (52 comments)

patricia feager: What Does Flower Mound Offer in New Construction - 06/29/17 07:42 PM
by Patricia Feager, 6/29/2017
Flower Mound Ranks 2 in Best Dallas Suburb 2017
What makes Flower Mound desirable are location, schools, close proximity to DFW Airport, the Las Colinas Business Center, Texas Presbyterian Hospital, the medical facilities, Senior Center, Lakeside Business Center (Mixed Use), parks and recreation, Flower Mound Community Activity Center, Lake Grapevine, Bridlewood Golf Course, Tour 18 Golf Course, shopping, restaurants, equestrian centers, and the sense of community. To learn more about Flower Mound neighborhoods click
Flower Mound Schools in Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) attracts many families relocating to DFW Metroplex. If you have a child with Special Needs, or you want … (0 comments)

patricia feager: Throwback Thursday - Stop & Think - 06/29/17 08:02 AM
by Patricia Feager, 6/29/2017
While sitting behind a Pick-Up Truck at the stop sign waiting for the truck to move the other day, I couldn't help but notice the advertising for My Appliance but it was really the woman that caught my eye in that teased up hairdo flip, big earrings and poka dotted dress.
STOP - I thought to myself, how important is it today for women to follow the fashion trends whether that is in her kitchen or appearance? Gone are the days when you'd probably see a person like the one on the back of the truck but is appearance … (20 comments)

patricia feager: What Can I Do to Attract Buyers? - 06/28/17 01:55 PM
by Patricia Feager, 6/28/2017 
What Can I Do to Attract Buyers?
Make your home inviting, unlike any others on the market. You don’t have to mirror what you see on Reality Home Buying Shows. Remember, people are coming to see your home for a reason.  It may be because buyers want children enrolled in schools, location, neighborhood amenities, parks & recreation, shopping, easy transportation, to be close to family and friends, etc.

Inside should look, smell, feel, and be fresh. Stay committed to operating an environmentally sustainable home. Keep in mind, you’re not entertaining guests, you’re enticing buyers to buy! Appeal to their … (7 comments)

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