facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - An Honest Assessment Is One Request Away! - 06/21/17 03:54 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Full width mobile FB ads are now here as is tighter scrutiny for click-bait targeting at the post level. Both are changes I have been waiting for as I believe they will improve the Facebook experience for all users. However, I am curious how FB will be able to decipher click-bait posts over regular content...I guess that is why their engineers/code gurus get paid the big bucks!
Did You Know...according to ExpandedRamblings, there will be over 169 million Facebook users in the U.S. by 2018! How much more income can you generate by getting only 6 of them to commit to … (23 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Speeding Down The Social Media Highway - 06/14/17 03:18 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Recently, Facebook updated its ad reporting and I have been pleasantly surprised how easy to use and insightful it is. If you run ad campaigns you can quickly review your click-thru rates as well as your page interactions, all from the Ads Manager. It works Rainers so give it a test drive and see what your results look like!
Just for fun...according to Omnicore, the Facebook like button has been clicked 1.13 trillion times. I wonder how many are cat meme's?!?!
I have made it a priority this year to do periodic updates, and engage more, on all the … (31 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Seeing The Forest Thru The Social Media Trees! - 06/07/17 12:53 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
It. Is. True. It just is. With so many stories of success by agents from around the country, using FB to help market yourself, your articles, and/or your clients homes makes good business sense. It can be done effectively for free but you can really ramp things up with a small ad budget each month too. It works, Rainers.
Did you know...according to WordStream, the average conversion rate for FB ads in the real estate industry is 10.68%. The average acrosss 17 major industries is 9.21%. Sounds like money well spent!
Sadly, I continue to hear it time and … (37 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - The One That Got Away! - 05/31/17 02:40 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I genuinely want to assist every legitimate real estate consumer who contacts me. I suspect we all want that. When I am unable to do it, for whatever reason, it stings a little.
Recently I lost a buyer who sent me 3 Facebook messages over a 5 hour period and I was not quick enough on the response (I was out showing other buyers' homes most of the day). The buyer I lost ended up with a colleague who quickly got her under contract. Not much I could have done to prevent it (short of having a VA … (41 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - What Results Are You Looking For? - 05/23/17 03:02 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Social media marketing has always been a little bit like the movie Jumanji (with Robin Williams) to me. You have to keep playing to see results. Sometimes those results are not what you expected but the end goal is to win (i.e. receive buyer/seller clients). When the FB drum starts beating do you run or dig in and prepare for future success?
Did you know...according to Sprout Social, the U.S. is the top country for Facebook users. We make up 12% of the worldwide market share. Yet another reason to concentrate some of our online marketing towards Facebook … (40 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Keeping FB Fresh Requires Effort - 05/17/17 04:19 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Sometimes we are just too busy to learn how to do certain Facebook tasks or we know what to do but run out of working hours to accomplish those things. When that happens for an extended period of time does your FB presence become a social media ghost town or do you pick back up where you left off?
Did you know there are some excellent virtual assistants here in the Rain that can automate, post, update, and do a host of other things (like FB videos) to keep your FB page relevant and fresh? With help available, we … (27 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - The Secret To Generate FB Biz - 05/10/17 02:30 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I got asked this week how I get business from my FB Biz Page. When I asked for more clarification they said "there is nothing special about your page". They were correct! The page by itself has very little to do with the biz I get from FB.
Repetitive interaction in local FB groups, targeted ads/boosts, and staying top of mind via periodic sharing (and cross-promoting via other social media outlets) are what generates quality leads for me. The page is just the source used for interaction and lead capture. Now you know my "secret". ;-)
Did you know that video can … (47 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Floundering To Fabulous in 15 Minutes - 05/03/17 01:22 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I bet most of you know about the importance of getting quality backlinks to your main site(s). But did you know you can add a link to your website on your "About" tab on your Facebook fan page? From start to finish it takes less than a minute to edit the tab and give consumers another way to find your real estate website. Easy peasy Rainers!
Did you know...According to Facebook, 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared daily on the social media giant. What are you doing to ensure your information stands out from others in your local … (40 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Keeping It Real! - 04/26/17 02:32 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I have noticed recently that many of you do not have your FB Biz Page as an icon on your ActiveRain profile. I would encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to utilize all that AR has to offer, especially the ability to increase both your brand exposure and social media presence by sharing where consumers can find you online.
Did you know...According to HootSuite, 79% of online U.S. adults aged 30-49 use Facebook, 82% of 18-29 year olds are on FB and 56% of seniors who are 65+ use the site. Go market where consumers hang … (32 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Commit And Crush The Competition - 04/19/17 04:20 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Another week is winding down which means there is a new Facebook Fridays article to encourage you to go visit other Rainer biz pages (you do that each week...right?!) and perhaps even learn a few tips from the articles I found this week while surfing the web. Take a gander on both fronts, make some new friends/referral partners, and perhaps even find something to give your social media marketing a boost. 
Did you know...According to Statista, the most popular social game on Facebook is Candy Crush Saga with nearly 11 million daily online users. Do you play? 
I am … (40 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Make The Move From Victim To Victor! - 04/12/17 12:23 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
"Your apathy is the problem, not Facebook". That was what I was thinking earlier this week in a private FB group where numerous real estate pros started bashing Facebook (not sure why they stay on FB to be honest). Complaints ranged from: it is a time waster, no one gets biz from it, it is not secure enough, real clients do not use FB, too many stalkers, and even it is too hard to figure out. All valid points to some degree but only because we let it be that way. Let's stop being victims and instead become … (41 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Joining The Club Is FREE! - 04/05/17 03:13 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
You know what is wonderful about social media marketing? We get to choose what we do, how we do it, and the frequency of those actions. Sometimes we have time constraints, a bias against using a particular platform, and occasionally we do not possess the technical skills to make it all work. We can even choose to do nothing at all. Whatever category we fall into, we all get to determine what works best for our biz model! 
Did you know...According to OmniCore, there are 1.57 billion active FB mobile users and 1.18 billion desktop users on a … (42 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - The Social Media Tree Is Ripe! - 03/28/17 03:25 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
No clue. None. That was me earlier this week as I was asked by a local agent to help with a specific aspect of their Facebook presence. I felt bad because I was not able to fully assist.
Despite our involvement with social media or perceived expertise, the reality is, there are times when we just do not have the answers. If you have felt that way about FB or some other social media platform, do not give up, because you are not alone! Keep working at it...the answers will come.
Did you know...According to the Pew Research … (50 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Frustrated, Fretting, or Finally! - 03/22/17 02:28 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
It can be incredibly difficult to keep up with all the social media trends, updates, and enhancements. It can be even more difficult to interpret and implement some of those changes. The best advice I can share with you is to take the time to learn as much about the change or process as you can, then take it slowly as you install/setup so you do not miss a step, and finally do some testing once completed to ensure you are getting the results you are expecting. Do that every time and avoid FB frustration!
Did you know...According … (32 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Target Your Audience And Get New Leads - 03/15/17 01:48 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Have you ventured into the Facebook ads arena in 2017 yet? They are a viable option to help with many aspects of your biz model. Whether you want new prospects, niche leads, or perhaps want to showcase a specific article or event, they are inexpensive, easy to set-up, and can definitely help. I encourage you to try a couple of locally targeted ads this quarter to see what kind of results you get. 
Did you know...According to Omnicore Agency, more than 40 million small businesses around the world have Facebook pages. Can your biz be counted in this … (39 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - To Schedule Or Not To Schedule? - 03/07/17 02:23 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
Let's face it, for many of us it is very difficult to keep up with our social media marketing. It can be hard to find the time to socialize, promote, and engage let alone keep up with the nearly constant barrage of changes. While I cannot help you do the first 3 (perhaps a V.A. is needed?!) this weekly series does provide tips galore on how to best use existing and new FB features. Try out the advice, Rainers. 
Did you know...According to Facebook, they had 1.23 billion daily active users (on average) in December 2016. That is … (45 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Getting A Time Slice of the Facebook Pie - 03/01/17 03:21 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
It is exciting when you get a Facebook IM or post from a follower who wants you to help them buy/sell a home. It is validation your approach and efforts are paying off. If this is not periodically happening to you, it may be time to re-evaluate your FB marketing techniques. That may include hiring someone short-term to get you back on the right path. 
Did you know the average amount of time a FB user stays on the site is 20 minutes (according to Infodocket)? If you marketing on Facebook, you want a slice of that time! 
For … (19 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Let's Trade FB Pages So I Can Like Me! - 02/23/17 04:49 AM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
The title is tongue-in-cheek so do not think I have let my modest FB success go to my head. In fact, I am always looking for new ways to improve my brand exposure and generate new prospects and you should be as well. We do it here in the Rain and on our own sites and it should be an actionable task we maximize on the social media platforms we use as well. 
When Is the "ideal" day/time to post on Facebook? According to Bit.ly blog it is the middle of the week between 1p.m. and 3p.m. Try it … (37 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Learning to Stay Out of FB Trouble - 01/25/17 02:30 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
I have seen a lot of FB Personal Pages listed on AR profiles lately. Just a reminder that Facebook prefers we keep our business related information on our fan pages, not our personal FB profiles. They have been pretty lax about this area of their Terms-of-Service but you never know when/if they will start enforcing it. Follow their guidelines and it will never be an issue. Just sayin'!
Happy, Happy Happy! That's what I am this week as I get to showcase the 5 Rainer FB pages listed below. They range from establishing a foothold to advanced user. … (38 comments)

facebook tips: Facebook Fridays - Nothing to Lose...Plenty to Gain - 01/18/17 03:35 PM

~ Facebook Marketing Tips ~
It was a quiet week for me on Facebook. Other than interaction in a couple of closed groups, I did not do much promoting or interacting on my biz page. While I do not recommend that as a normal week, sometimes there are more important tasks that require our attention. If we have already built a solid Facebook foundation we can pick back up quickly and not miss a beat.
If you made a resolution or set goals to be more active on your Facebook biz page in 2017 are you still going strong? If you have stopped … (30 comments)

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